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KMO & Josh Slocum 07 Jun 2022 • EN

581: Erratic & Dramatic

KMO talks with Josh Slocum about what it means to live in a Cluster B world. On his show, the Disaffected Podcast, Josh cites example after example of how the political left has succumbed to the rule of narcissists, both grandiose and covert, who have imposed an irrational order upon their faction in which the…

68 min
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Konstantin Kisin + Francis Foster & Josh Slocum 02 Jun 2022 • EN

The Personality Disorders Behind Wokeness

Josh Slocum is the host of the Disaffected podcast, which examines the role of abuse dynamics in society and politics. Check out Disaffected here: Join our exclusive TRIGGERnometry community on Locals! OR Support TRIGGERnometry Here: https:

54 min
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