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Thaddeus Russell & Jeremy Loffredo 11 Apr 2024 • EN

Unregistered 272: Jeremy Loffredo

I was joined by Jeremy Loffredo, virtually the only American journalist to report directly from Gaza, Israel, and Russia, to discuss how his reporting challenges the official narratives of the U.S. government.   New course at Unregistered Academy: A RENEGADE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES with Thaddeus Russell https://ww

59 min
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Thaddeus Russell & Daniel Bessner 14 Mar 2024 • EN

Unregistered 271: Daniel Bessner

I was joined by Daniel Bessner, former foreign policy advisor to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and professor of international relations at the University of Washington, to make the case that the "American Century" of US global dominance will not end anytime soon.   BECOME A MEMBER OF UNREGISTERED ACADEMY at

66 min
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Thaddeus Russell & Richard Hanania 27 Sep 2023 • EN

Unregistered 262: Richard Hanania

I was joined by Richard Hanania, whose new book The Origins of Woke argues that the politics of "wokeness" is neither new nor spontaneous.   Enroll in the 4-part live course on Foucault at Unregistered Academy:   BECOME A MEMBER OF UNREGISTERED ACADEMY at https://www.unregis

67 min
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Thaddeus Russell & Kit Klarenberg 07 Sep 2023 • EN

Unregistered 260: Kit Klarenberg

Three months after he was detained and interrogated by the British government, investigative journalist Kit Klarenberg of the Grayzone joined me to discuss his work exposing the myths of the Ukraine war, the CIA's connection to the 9/11 hijackers, the ties between the UK government and the British media, and the totali

92 min
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Thaddeus Russell & Glenn Diesen 07 May 2023 • EN

Unregistered 252: Glenn Diesen

I was joined by Glenn Diesen, a leading scholar of Russian foreign policy and geopolitics and one of a tiny few who oppose US and NATO support for Ukraine, to discuss the long history of Russophobia, the irrational fear and hatred of Russia that has driven western policies in Eurasia from the time of Peter the Great to

97 min
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Michael Malice & Thaddeus Russell 09 Feb 2022 • EN

Thaddeus Russell - Episode #193

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) welcomes author of A Renegade History of the United States, and host of the Unregistered podcast, Thaddeus Russell, to discuss the latest controversy around his interview with a college professor from SUNY Fredonia. Michael asks Thaddeus to further explain and clarify his opinion on the

72 min
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