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KMO & Richard Firth-Godbehere 07 Jul 2022 • EN

007 Licence to Feel with Richard Firth-Godbehere

Richard Firth-Godbehere is an independent researcher and consultant in the history, language, and science of emotions. He is also a witty, entertaining, charismatic, and "occasionally funny" man. This conversation goes "all over the place" with stops at: 01:50 – Feelings throughout history and the changing vocabulary t

70 min
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We humans like to think of ourselves as rational creatures, who, as a species, have relied on calculation and intellect to survive. But many of the most important moments in our history had little to do with cold, hard facts and a lot to do with feelings. Events ranging from the origins of philosophy to the birth of th

117 min
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Mike Carruthers & Richard Firth-Godbehere 01 Nov 2021 • EN

Why Do We Experience Déjà Vu? & How Your Emotions Drive Your Actions

Your siblings have had an important impact on you, whether you realize it or not. This episode begins by talking about how brothers and sisters can affect your personality and character later in life. Have you ever had a déj

53 min
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Anthony Jeannot & John Poveromo + Richard Firth-Godbehere 03 Oct 2021 • EN

How emotions work

Emotions are confusing as hell, and increasingly, we"re paying more and more attention to how we feel. In this episode we talk to one of the world"s leading experts on emotions, Dr Rich Firth-Godbehere, to help us figure out how to think about the way that we feel. The hilarious John Poveromo joins us to lighten the em

74 min
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