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Roman Prokopchuk & Anthony Jeannot 21 Jan 2023 • EN

Ep #318 The Power of Laughter Interview With Anthony Jeannot Stand Up Comedian

I got to interview Anthony Jeannot. Anthony Jeannot is a comedian and podcaster from Australia. We spoke about: His journey to now. What motivates him. Weaknesses he turned into strengths. Advice for the audience. And much more. This episode is sponsored by Nova Zora Digital experts in digital marketing.

31 min
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Anthony Jeannot & Richard Firth-Godbehere + John Poveromo 03 Oct 2021 • EN

How emotions work

Emotions are confusing as hell, and increasingly, we"re paying more and more attention to how we feel. In this episode we talk to one of the world"s leading experts on emotions, Dr Rich Firth-Godbehere, to help us figure out how to think about the way that we feel. The hilarious John Poveromo joins us to lighten the em

74 min
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Bianca Wulwick & Anthony Jeannot 02 Aug 2021 • EN

Please Don't Kick Me Out - Episode 81 - Featuring Comedian, Anthony Jeannot

Anthony Jeannot is an Australian comedian currently living in London, England. Anthony is funny, and when I say that I GENUINELY mean it. Obviously, if you're a comedian, isn't that the point? Well, that's pretty much imposter syndrome in a nutshell. We discuss poking fun out our selves in lieu of being bullied, and ou

76 min
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