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Bianca Wulwick & Anthony Jeannot 02 Aug 2021 • EN

Please Don't Kick Me Out - Episode 81 - Featuring Comedian, Anthony Jeannot

Anthony Jeannot is an Australian comedian currently living in London, England. Anthony is funny, and when I say that I GENUINELY mean it. Obviously, if you're a comedian, isn't that the point? Well, that's pretty much imposter syndrome in a nutshell. We discuss poking fun out our selves in lieu of being bullied, and ou

76 min
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Diann Wingert is a former psychotherapist turned coach, that specializes in helping women entrepreneurs. Her bread and butter are ADHD and neurodiversity. As a person with ADHD, and also a woman who has passed it onto her children, she has found a niche market of women who feel that they need to apologize for their acc

45 min
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For this week's episode, I spoke with Brenden Kumarasamy, a charismatic guy who started MasterTalk. Brenden projects confidence and inspires others to get good at public speaking. Imposter syndrome can creep in when you are not being authentic to yourself, but he found a way to smash through the negativity. Imposter sy

37 min
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