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Jim James Jumped out of a plane at 17 and never looked back. Life of an international entrepreneur turned podcast and radio show host, author and business coach. Living in the UK after 25 years in Asia, University in the USA and childhood with a period in Africa.

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Jim James & Roger Knecht 30 Apr 2024 • EN

Finally! An Accountant Explaining What the Numbers Really Mean

Get Noticed! Send a text. Feel lost interpreting your company"s finances? Accountant Roger Knecht brings clarity as the Rosetta Stone between entrepreneurs and their businesses. He explains how your books communicate what"s working and what"s not. Yet most owners fail to listen, instead outsourcing accounting tasks and

27 min
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Get Noticed! Send a text. Are you ready to amplify your business with AI? This episode has you covered! We"re sitting down with creative entrepreneur, founder of Digital Surgeons, and podcast host, Pete Sena, to discuss how AI and automation aren"t here to replace us, but rather enhance our performance. Pete shares val

21 min
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Jim James & Josef Schinwald 24 Aug 2023 • EN

Become the Perfect Podcast Guest: Insights from Josef Schinwald

Get Noticed! Send a text. Ever wonder how to become a standout guest on a podcast? Join us as we dissect this question and more with the expert himself, Josef Schinwald from Guest Experts on Air. Josef shares his secret sauce for selecting high-profile experts that command attention and resonate with large audiences. P

25 min
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Jim James & Jamie Marshall 22 Aug 2023 • EN

How To Brand an IT Services Company For Success With Jamie Marshall

Get Noticed! Send a text. Prepare to be amazed as we venture into the mind of Jamie Marshall from Everon, an IT guru leading one of the top 50 managed IT services in the UK. Imagine building your business organically, carving a niche, and effectively leveraging technology to drive growth while sweetening the deal with

23 min
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Get Noticed! Send a text. Want to unlock the world of family offices and funding? Prepare to have your entrepreneurial journey enriched as Leif Hartwig, the founder of WealthVP, spills the beans on this untapped treasure. Tune in as Leif peels back the layers of the funding world, highlighting the key differences betwe

26 min
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Get Noticed! Send a text. Ever wondered how to bridge the gap between technology and sustainability? Let us introduce you to our guest, Matthias Boissonot, founder of Handprint Tech, a company that"s revolutionizing the way businesses approach environmental challenges. Handprint Tech has devised an ingenious way of inc

30 min
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