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Jordan Harbinger & Jamie Metzl 11 Jul 2024 • EN

1015: Jamie Metzl | AI Solutions for Hunger, Health, & Habitat Part Two

AI and biotech are rapidly changing our world. Superconvergence author Jamie Metzl explores the risks and rewards of this unprecedented era! [Part 2/2 — find part 1 here!] What We Discuss with Jamie Metzl: AI and genetics are advancing rapidly, leading to potential breakthroughs in medicine, agriculture, and solving gl

74 min
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Cal Fussman & Jamie Metzl 02 Jul 2024 • EN

Jamie Metzl: Seeing AI Like Electricity

Cal talks with the futurist who tells us that artificial intelligence is going to be embedded in everything we do -- and that means many aspects of the world around us will be moving at an accelerated pace. His book, Superconvergence, looks at how AI will transform our lives as it is embedded in genetics and biotech. I

53 min
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Artificial intelligence is in its infancy, but right now—from the stock market, to the tech world, to the classroom, and more—it’s all people can talk about. Jamie Metzl served on the National Security Council under the Clinton administration, and his new book, "Superconvergence,” explains why people should be cautious

22 min
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Now also on YouTube! In this episode we’re joined by Andrés Goméz Emilsson, President and Director of Research at the Qualia Research Institute (QRI), with whom we go deep on their computational approach to probe the mysteries of consciousness and the psychedelic experience — and thereby, perhaps, make the world a subs

99 min
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Chris Ryan & Michael Garfield 17 Jun 2024 • EN

614 - Michael Garfield (Paleontologist-Futurist)

Paleontologist-Futurist Michael Garfield is devoted to helping navigate our age of accelerating weirdness and helping cultivate the curiosity and play we'll need to thrive in it. As host and producer of Future Fossils Podcast, Michael refuses to be enslaved by a single perspective, creative medium, or intellectual comm

128 min
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Episode Description In this riveting episode of "The James Altucher Show," James welcomes back futurist Jamie Metzl to explore the groundbreaking themes from his new book, Superconvergence: How the Genetics, Biotech, and AI Revolutions Will Transform Our Lives, Work, and World. As one of the most frequent and insightfu

79 min
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