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Today we’re bringing you part 2 of our conversation with Aaron Bare, author of Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking Big. We discuss the spiritual side of exponential technology; the mindset that startups have taken after the pandemic; and Aaron’s experience in circumnavigating the world that shaped his view on tec

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Guy Swann & John Vallis 22 Mar 2023 • EN

Chat_79 - The Spirit of Bitcoin with John Vallis

I joined John today for an over 2 hour rip on the nature of Bitcoin, numerous technical developments, the trade offs of those in the past, the consequences of changes - even those considered well analyzed and understood, the chaos of consensus around altering consensus, the spirit of Bitcoin vs the letter of the law, a

150 min
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Today we’re bringing you part 1 of our conversation with Aaron Bare, author of Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking Big. We discuss why the companies that will embrace exponential thinking will be the winners; the human tendency to choose not to change; and why we can’t really think our way out of our problems. Al

30 min
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Russ Roberts & Kevin Kelly 27 Mar 2023 • EN

Kevin Kelly on Advice, AI, and Technology

Photographer, author, and visionary Kevin Kelly talks about his book Excellent Advice for Living with EconTalk's Russ Roberts. His advice includes how to have a deep conversation, why it's better to control time than money--and whether, in the end, we should give advice in the first place. Other topics of discussion in

86 min
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Alison Beard & Astro Teller 28 Mar 2023 • EN

X's Astro Teller on Managing Moonshot Innovation

How do you solve the world's toughest problems? Or find the next big thing in tech? Lots organizations fail to explore and take big bets on new ideas because they can't tolerate the mess of experimentation and the fear of failure. At X, Alphabet's dedicated innovation factory, they don't have that problem, and Astro Te

28 min
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“"I wasn't partying. I wasn't relaxing on the beach. I was photographing – working – every minute of the day. That was a means to see as much as I possibly could. And to keep looking.”  –Kevin Kelly In this episode of Deviate, Rolf and Kevin discuss the ambitions and connections that led Kevin to Asia not long after hi

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