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Carne Ross I think about how to change society to make it more equal, sustainable and meaningful for people to live in. I am a former diplomat: I resigned over the Iraq War after giving secret evidence to the first official inquiry into the war. I have written two books, one about diplomacy (Independent Diplomat) and one about social and political change (The Leaderless Revolution). I am also the founder of Independent Diplomat, a non-profit diplomatic advisory group. For more please see my website

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“Due to COVID 19 people have been questioning their basic contract. Is this government protecting me, and are these politicians doing what they claim to do, which is to look after us and to protect our health?”   Once a British diplomat and now self proclaimed "gentle anarchist", Carne Ross describes how solving today’

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This week I'm joined by Carne Ross, a former high-flying diplomat and Middle East adviser who lost his faith in western democracy but put his trust in people power and is now putting forward the case for anarchism.

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In Episode 10 of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with Carne Ross. Carne is the founder of Independent Diplomat, which advises dozens of democratic countries and political groups on using diplomacy to achieve their foreign policy goals. In his former capacity as a British diplomat, Carne worked on the Middle

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