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Douglas Rushkoff & David Brin 02 Aug 2023 • EN

David Brin

Scientist, science fiction author, and futurist David Brin shows us how by granting AI’s individuality we can begin to hold them accountable for their actions. 🎙️ In his monologue, Rushkoff discusses his struggles with burnout and how he’s working to overcome it. Episode Resources Give Every AI a Soul - or Else Vivid

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Robert Tercek + Brett King & David Brin 26 May 2023 • EN

Brin on the Greatest Story Ever Told

Legendary sci fi author, astrophysicist, and NASA advisor David Brin rejoins the Futurists for a special first anniversary show. Topics include: Wall Street’s insatiable AIs, Karl Marx and capitalism, the magic of competition, Hollywood tropes, self-preventing prophecies, the flaw in Asimov’s laws of robotics and hope

65 min
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Shermer and Brin discuss: AI and AGI • are they existential threats? • the alignment problem • Large Language Models • ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-5, and beyond • the Future of Life Institute’s Open Letter calling for a pause on “giant AI experiments” • Asilomar AI principles • Eliezer Yudkowsky’s Time OpEd: “Shut it All Down”

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Kevin Kelly + Mark Frauenfelder & David Brin 06 Jan 2023 • EN

347: David Brin

David Brin is an astrophysicist whose international best-selling novels include The Postman, Earth, Existence and Hugo Award winners Startide Rising and The Uplift War. He consults for NASA, companies, agencies and nonprofits about the onrushing future. Brin's first nonfiction book, The Transparent Society, won the Fre

31 min
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Brian Keating & David Brin + Andy Friedman 07 Oct 2022 • EN

Many Worlds & the Multiverse: Andy Friedman, David Brin

How many Multiverses are there? Featuring @davidBrin & the late, great Andy Friedman, colleague of the 2022 co-recipient of the @NobelPrize, Anton Zeilinger. Let me know your favorite takeaway from this chat about the profligate nature of the Multiverse. Find Andy's website here https://asfriedman.physics.ucsd.edu Watc

53 min
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Robert Tercek + Brett King & David Brin 29 Jul 2022 • EN

The Peril of Romanticism 

In Episode 19 of The Futurists, David Brin expounds on the interplay between scientific research and storytelling in shaping society’s future. An astrophysicist, prolific science fiction author and the winner of many awards, Brin also writes non-fiction about social dynamics and politics and contributes to NASA’s Innov

55 min
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