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KMO & Douglas Lain 16 Mar 2023 • EN

003 - Doug Lain on The Twitter Files

KMO does not have strong opinions about the Twitter files, but Doug Lain sure does, and he's naming names and calling out cowards on the mainstream left. He thinks that elements of the federal government have colluded with Big Tech to censor and marginalize voices both from the Right and from the Marxist Left.

64 min
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Douglas Lain & Spencer Leonard 15 Mar 2023 • EN

Smash the State or Seize the State?

Spencer Leonard of the Platypus Affiliated Societ joins Doug to discuss Lenin's "State and Revolution." What would Lenin do about today's technocratic capitalism? Support Us on Patreon

54 min
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Douglas Lain & Ashley Frawley 01 Mar 2023 • EN

Our Identity Crisis and Woke Politics

In this episode of Diet Soap Ashley Frawley drops in to discuss Sublation's research projects. We are tackling the question of modern subjectivity and reason this month (March, 2023) and will be continuing to investigate political, philosophical and cultural questions around humanism and human power in the months to co

59 min
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Douglas Lain & Kari Lydersen + Jamie Webster + Ron Kaminkow 27 Feb 2023 • EN

Behind the News: Railroad Workers w/ Ron Kaminkow & Kari Lydersen

Doug speaks with Jamie Webster of BCG about western Europe’s energy situation. Then Kari Lydersen, author of a recent In These Times article, and Ron Kaminkow, locomotive engineer and organizer with Railroad Workers United, talk about the miseries of the industry and why it should be nationalized. Behind the News, host

53 min
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Douglas Lain & Chris Cutrone 16 Feb 2023 • EN

Adorno and Freud in the Parrot Room

Chris Cutrone and Douglas Lain start to discuss Cutrone's essay "Adorno and Freud" but, before they can really begin, they have to clear up a few issues about Lacan, Structuralism, and Heidegger. Adorno and Freud by Chris Cutrone Support Us on Patreon https://patreo

42 min
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Douglas Lain & Fredrik deBoer 30 Nov 2022 • EN

Who's Afraid of Elon Musk?

Freddie deBoer and Douglas Lain discuss Freddie's recent essay "The Left's Vapid Anti-Musk Discourse" in this week's Diet Soap podcast.  In his essay deBoer writes, "The amount of attention Musk has attracted can be chalked up to culture war: Exxon’s CEO, whatever his business practices, isn’t shitposting in a way that

49 min
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