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Iona Italia & Fredrik deBoer 23 Nov 2023 • EN

Episode 145 - Freddie DeBoer - The Cult of Smart

Freddie DeBoer: The Cult of Smart General: Freddie’s Substack: Freddie’s website: The Cult of Smart available here: Follow: On X: References: Freddie’s e

84 min
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Ricardo Lopes & Fredrik deBoer 07 Sep 2023 • EN

#831 Freddie deBoer: How Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement

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57 min
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How Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement by Fredrik deBoer An eye-opening exploration of American policy reform, or lack thereof, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement and how the country can do better in the future. In 2020, while the Covid-19 pandemic raged, the Un

62 min
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Douglas Lain & Fredrik deBoer 23 Aug 2023 • EN

How Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement (ft Freddie deBoer)

Douglas Lain and Freddie deBoer discuss his new book "How Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement."  They explore why left movements fail. In the digital age, social movements flare up but then lose steam through a lack of tangible goals, the inherent moderating effects of our established institutions and political part

49 min
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Ben Burgis & Fredrik deBoer 18 Aug 2023 • EN

Season 5 Episode 29: The Return of Freddie deBoer

Freddie de Boer is back to talk to Ben Burgis about his new book, "How the Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement": Before that, we play Ben"s appearance on Monday morning"s Majority Report to talk about Michael Brooks (yesterday would have been Mi

114 min
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Katie Halper & Fredrik deBoer + Ray McGovern 08 Aug 2023 • EN

Ex-CIA Agent Ray McGovern on Ukraine War, Freddie DeBoer on AOC

To hear the rest of my discussion with Freddie DeBoer, please join us on Patreon at - Katie is joined by Kate Willett to go over some recent news stories. Then Katie talks to CIA-turned-activist Ray McGovern about the War in Ukraine and the multipolar world order.

87 min
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