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Sam Fragoso & Margaret Atwood 22 Mar 2023 • EN

The Stories of Writer Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is the author of over 50 books of poetry, critical essays, graphic novels, and fiction. Her latest short story collection, Old Babes in the Wood, was recently published this March. Today, we revisit our 2022 conversation, beginning with essay collection Burning Questions (4:47), which wrestles with cata

50 min
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Please support the podcast by taking our short listener survey: Watch the video of this episode here: Is the brain a computer? Where does the soul lie? Can quantum mechanics explain consciousness? Alan Lightman takes on the

57 min
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Alison Stewart & Margaret Atwood 08 Mar 2023 • EN

Margaret Atwood's New Short Story Collection

Preeminent author Margaret Atwood joins us to discuss her latest short story collection, Old Babes in the Wood, containing fifteen works of short fiction.   Margaret Atwood's New Short Story Collection

25 min
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For International Women's Day, I bring you - NO BIG DEAL - Margaret Atwood. The Booker-Prize winning author of numerous works including The Blind Assassin, Cat's Eye and Alias Grace, has been a pioneer in the depiction of women in literature, redefining the dystopian novel with her revolutionary 1985 book, The Handmaid

64 min
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Thomas Carrigan & Roger Williams 06 Mar 2023 • EN

The Curators Pt. 18 | Roger Williams (TPC #1,1,25)

TPC #1,125 is with Roger Williams, the author of my favorite book, “The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.” Read it here: Or you can snag it on Kindle:

75 min
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Fearne Cotton & Taylor Jenkins Reid 27 Feb 2023 • EN

Taylor Jenkins Reid

For author Taylor Jenkins Reid, fame is a brilliant lens through which to examine societal expectations of women. The female celebrities in her glamourous novels all navigate the restrictions put on their behaviour in very different ways, in turn mirroring how all women – famous or not – might feel compelled to act.  

58 min
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