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#755 If you want to start a business, focus less on the how and more on the now. You see, overcoming the fears that stop you from even trying is the key to building life-changing success! That's why I have Noah Kagan of AppSumo back on the show to help you shift your mindset and get more of what you want! His new book,

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Pat Flynn & Ali Abdaal 27 Dec 2023 • EN

How to Have Your Most Productive Year with Ali Abdaal

#745 We have productivity all wrong! Discipline and grit are vital, sure. But here's the thing—no one procrastinates on watching Netflix. It's no secret that we're more likely to do the things that feel good. So, how do we apply this concept to growing a business? How do we make our work feel great? My special guest, A

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Pat Flynn lost what he thought was his dream job as an architect during the 2008 financial crisis. But that setback led him to launch several successful online businesses and build a following of millions around the world. In this episode, Pat is going to give some pointers on marketing and how to build your audience a

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#731 Bringing relatability and character to your work is the number one way to stand out and succeed online today! But how do you apply the "just be yourself" advice in your business for fantastic results? You're about to witness the full power of sharing valuable knowledge with a heavy dose of personality in today's c

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Pat Flynn & Jackie Nourse 25 Oct 2023 • EN

An Epic SPI Success Story with Jackie Nourse

#727 I'm always harping on the importance of starting a podcast to grow your brand. And for good reasons! But what would happen if you were to take my advice and the first piece of feedback you receive is a one-star review? Would you give up? That's the exact situation Jackie Nourse, aka Traveling Jackie, faced. Undete

38 min
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Pat Flynn & Shawn Stevenson 11 Oct 2023 • EN

Behind the Scenes with Entrepreneur and Podcaster Shawn Stevenson

#723 What are the kinds of things you tell yourself? In business, health, and relationships, our thoughts are what drive us to succeed or fail. The way we see the world truly affects the chemistry of our bodies. So, what are the habits that build effective cognitive patterns? In this episode, Shawn Stevenson shares the

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