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Maria Menounos & Steven Gundry 03 Apr 2024 • EN

846. It’s Time For a Gut Check w/ Dr. Steven Gundry

Welcome back, Heal Squad! Get ready for part 2 of our informative conversation with Dr. Steven Gundry. Today, we unravel the shocking truths surrounding oat products and conventional grains, exposing their alarming connection to glyphosates. But fear not! Dr. Gundry is here to guide us on our journey toward an optimize

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Maria Menounos & Steven Gundry 02 Apr 2024 • EN

845. What They Don’t Teach You in Medical School w/ Dr. Steven Gundry

Hello Heal Squad! For today’s episode we are joined by Dr. Steven Gundry and we are learning all about the gut. For part 1 of our conversation, Dr. Gundry shares the story of a life-changing encounter with a patient he refers to as Big Ed and how this sparked his mission of teaching people to not need to see doctors by

52 min
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Maria Menounos & Steven Gundry 01 Apr 2024 • EN

844. Mastering Gut Health for a Better Life

Hey Heal Squad, on this Heal Squad All Stars edition, we're thrilled to bring you insights from three renowned experts in the field of health and wellness. Join us as we delve deep into the fascinating realm of gut health, inflammation, and holistic well-being. Dr. Stephen Gundry sheds light on the critical role of gut

63 min
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Aaron Alexander & Steven Gundry 11 Jan 2024 • EN

Dr. Steven Gundry: How to Improve Gut Health | EP 477

Leading cardiothoracic surgeon and nutritional pioneer Dr. Steven Gundry joins us for a conversation on the importance of gut health, discussing bacteria within microbiomes, changes in food consumption, and the importance of meal times. We also discuss the benefits of fermentation, sparkling water, and the unfortunate

61 min
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Watch the full video interview on YouTube here: Dr. Steven Gundry (IG: @drstevengundry) is one of the world’s top cardiothoracic surgeons and a pioneer in nutrition. He is the author of many New York Times bestselling books. Dr. Gundry is the founder of Gundry MD, a line of wellness product

109 min
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Dave Asprey & Steven Gundry 09 Jan 2024 • EN

A Healthy Gut Can Reverse Disease – Dr. Steven Gundry

I'm excited to welcome back Dr. Steven Gundry to The Human Upgrade for his sixth appearance, a tribute to his remarkable insights and ongoing research. Dr. Gundry, a true pioneer, is renowned for his books like "The Plant Paradox" and his groundbreaking work on lectins, changing how we understand our body's reaction to

75 min
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