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In this Episode of the Power of Genetics Podcast, guest speaker Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist, author, and farmer, discusses his journey in nutritional psychiatry. He talks about the relationship between nutrition and mental health and the emerging field of nutritional psychiatry. Drew emphasizes the importance of consid

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Eric Zimmer & Drew Ramsey 18 Jan 2023 • EN

How to Eat for Better Mental Health with Dr. Drew Ramsey

In this Episode, We Discuss How to Eat for Better Mental Health and… The emerging field of nutritional psychiatry and why it's so important Simple strategies to enhance mental health and prevent mental health problems How exercising and eating well are the most powerful antidepressants Why healthier brains lead to less

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Jan Black + Laura Owens & Drew Ramsey 03 Aug 2022 • EN

Dr. Drew Ramsey: ...how to eat to beat depression and anxiety

Did you know your brain consumes about 20% of the calories you eat each day? On this episode, we find out how the foods you eat impact your mental health. Joining us is Dr. Drew Ramsey, who is a nutritional psychiatrist and an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University.  Dr. Ramsey is the founder

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Rangan Chatterjee & Drew Ramsey 26 Oct 2021 • EN

#211 How To Eat To Beat Depression And Anxiety with Dr Drew Ramsey

We know how vital what we eat is for our physical health. What’s less widely appreciated, despite a wealth of evidence, is just how important the right foods are for our brain and mental health. But my guest today is here to turn the science into easy steps we can all put into action. Dr Drew Ramsay is a psychiatrist a

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Dr. Drew Ramsey is on a mission to get our brains into grow mode with mood-optimizing foods. Through Nutritional Psychiatry, he’s supporting brain and body health with inclusive information that chooses science over shaming to dial us into happy food routines.  What we eat has a knock-on effect on our physical and cogn

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Laura Schein + Clayton Farris & Drew Ramsey 20 Sep 2021 • EN


Laura and Clayton chat with nutritional psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey, author of the bestselling book Eat To Beat Depression and Anxiety. They discuss the benefits of optimizing brain health through the foods we eat, including a six-week plan to help you get started eating for better mental health. On What The Health?!:

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