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Dr. Ellen Vora returns to the podcast! You may remember her from our previous episode about anxiety, insomnia, and depression. You can think of this as part two of the conversation, where we talk a little bit more about anxiety and also dig deeper into hormone health and autoimmune disease.   Ellen Vora, MD, is a board

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Anxiety is a natural human mechanism designed to protect us from harm. Experiencing anxiety can help optimize your reactions in dangerous situations, but today more than ever, folks are experiencing excessive anxiety in response to everyday responsibilities and activities. Millions of American suffer from anxiety, and

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Michelle Chalfant & Ellen Vora 17 Aug 2023 • EN

Summer Series: A Holistic Approach to Anxiety with Dr. Ellen Vora

Our society today is facing an epidemic of anxiety. Despite technology that promises to make our lives faster and easier, it seems that we’re more anxious than ever. In 2020, Google searches for “anxiety” reached an all-time high.   We have to look beyond the diagnosis of anxiety and seek to find the root cause of why

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Do you feel like there aren’t enough solutions for mental health?   In this episode of The Darin Olien show, I chat with Dr. Ellen Vora about the anatomy of anxiety. While most of us believe that we have a predisposition to certain mental health illnesses due to our genetics, this isn’t necessarily true. The truth is t

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In this episode of our podcast, we sit down with Dr. Ellen Vora, a renowned board-certified psychiatrist, acupuncturist, and yoga teacher, to discuss some of the most pressing issues affecting mental health today. Dr. Vora draws on her extensive expertise to provide insights into the major tools that listeners can use

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This was a wonderful podcasts to be a part of. Dr Ellen is an incredible person of light and hope with a powerful message of hope for the epidemic of anxiety in the world. It was a pleasure and an inspiration talking to her and to all of you out there in Made To Thrive nation this is the podcast you cannot afford to sk

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