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Melissa Ambrosini & Amy Shah 14 Mar 2023 • EN

504: How To Stop Craving Sugar & Junk | Dr Amy Shah

Do you feel hungry all the time, even when you’ve just eaten? Do you suffer from constant uncontrollable cravings? And do you feel like you’ve been restricting what you eat, battling the scale, and hating on your body for, like, ever?! If you’re nodding your head right now, this conversation with Amy Shah, MD (aka the

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IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™… Amy Shah, M.D., teaches you all you need to know about the second F word: food. That’s right, you are going to learn all about hunger from the author of the book, “I'm So Effing Hungry: Why We Crave What We Crave – and What to Do About It” You’ll also find out why focusing on your

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Jonathan Fields & Amy Shah 06 Mar 2023 • EN

How to Break the Grip of Cravings | Amy Shah, MD

Are you tired of feeling like you’re powerless against your cravings, no matter how much you try to resist them? From unhealthy, yet irresistible snacks to binge-TV, we often feel helpless against the biochemical storm happening inside our bodies and brains that lure us into behaviors we know are not healthy or life-en

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Do you ever crave something sweet? Sometimes something salty? Do ever wonder why you have these cravings? Get ready to find out why…   In this episode of The Darin Olien Show, I chat with our guest Dr. Amy Shah about the gut microbiome and how it governs our lives in ways most of us don’t even realize. Dr. Shah dives i

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From our performance and concentration to our mood and decision-making skills, hunger can impact our lives in a myriad of ways. And at a time when the diet industry and processed food manufacturers are profiting billions of dollars per year, the basic human function of hunger has become a commodity. The good news is, t

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Order a copy of my new book The Joy Of Well-Being at!  Amy Shah, M.D.: “The gut is a stronger driver of cravings than even our minds.”  Amy, a double board-certified integrative medicine doctor, joins us to discuss everything you need to know about hunger hormones, plus: - Why our hunger cues have

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