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During this episode of The Unfiltered Truth, Mel K and Jeff Dornik expose the real plan being implemented to dismantle the United States of America, ultimately leading to the conquering of the entire planet. We are witnessing them doing everything they can to destroy Donald Trump and the MAGA Movement, weaponizing the

63 min
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In this episode of the Rachel Hollis podcast, Rachel delves into the realm of spirituality, focusing on spiritual awakening, growth, and practices. Featuring insights from guests like Rainn Wilson, Michael Beckwith, and Carla Hall, the episode covers a variety of topics including shadow work, the importance of recogniz

55 min
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THIS SHOW WAS RECORDED IN FRONT OF A LIVE AUDIENCE Welcome to Episode 40 where 160 authors have now shared their stories and celebrated their debuts! In this episode explore new books and meet new authors, some from She Writes Press and Black Rose Writing. Be transported by thrilling and paranormal writing, a story of

29 min
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In this Blackballed Rewind, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss discusses cancel culture, UFOs and more. From 2022. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

49 min
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Natalie Brunell & Nikki Glaser 11 Apr 2024 • EN

Nikki Glaser: Everything is So Expensive..."Bitcoin Solves This?"

In this episode with comedian Nikki Glaser, powered by Bitdeer Technologies Group (NASDAQ: BTDR), we discuss: Nikki's origin story and rise to comedy fame The grind to succeed in show business and the disparity in pay Does Nikki invest? Does she have Bitcoin? Why is everything so expensive today? Bitcoin as a solution

69 min
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In this episode of PivotMe, April is joined by special guest David Meltzer, who shares his remarkable journey through various transformative life stages. David imparts wisdom on expanding personal and professional horizons, emphasizing happiness, health, wealth, and worthiness as crucial components of success. Together

35 min
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