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When Daymond John was 10 years old, his parents got divorced. His father left and Daymond never heard from him again. As a result, Daymond had to find scrappy ways to make money so he and his mom could put food on the table. Over the years, Daymond has found other creative ways to solve problems and generate profit, wh

49 min
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Chris Do & Noah Kagan 21 Feb 2024 • EN

How to Craft A Million Dollar Business - With Noah Kagan

Finding Million Dollar Opportunities in Everyday Problems In this episode, host Chris Do sits down with Entrepreneur Noah Kagan, the founder and CEO of AppSumo, as he shares valuable advice on cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset, recognizing business opportunities and persisting through challenges. Drawing from his

83 min
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Aaron Maté + Katie Halper & John Mearsheimer 23 Feb 2024 • EN

"Insanity" – John Mearsheimer on the US role in Gaza and Ukraine

Click here for the full interview with John Mearsheimer: For $6 a month, become a Useful Idiot! Get extended interviews, Thursday Throwdowns, and bonus content at Watch this week's

69 min
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Noah Kagan 22 Feb 2024 • EN

174: Million Dollar Weekend with Noah Kagan

Today, I’m talking with Noah Kagan. Noah’s an entrepreneur, author, and the founder and CEO of AppSumo. His journey in the tech industry began with roles at Intel, Facebook (where he was the 30th employee), and, but it was his entrepreneurial ventures that truly defined his career. Despite some initial setback

41 min
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Scott Horton & Kyle Anzalone 23 Feb 2024 • EN

Kyle Anzalone on the Atrocities Being Committed in Gaza

Kyle Anzalone was on Antiwar Radio this week to talk about the news coming out of the Middle East. They discuss the coming assault on Rafah in southern Gaza, developments at the ICJ, the conduct of IDF soldiers when raiding Palestinian homes, the broader regional violence and more. Discussed on the show: “Israel Intens

31 min
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On this weeks episode of Do the work podcast, Sabrina is joined by Dr. Nicole Lepera to talk about Self healing, forgiveness, victimhood and how to hold yourself accountable! Want to work with Sabrina? HERE! Dont forget to follow Sabrina and Do the Work on instagram and Sabrina on Tik tok! Please support our sponsors!

65 min
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