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Gameday Labs: All natural pain relief for muscle and joint aches, sleep better, live energetically go to:   Learn more about & follow James Howard Kunstler here: X:   Blog:   We The People m

48 min
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Tim Ferriss & Gabor Maté 17 May 2024 • EN

#738: Dr. Gabor Maté and Dr. BJ Miller

This episode is a two-for-one, and that’s because the podcast recently hit its 10-year anniversary and passed one billion downloads. To celebrate, I’ve curated some of the best of the best—some of my favorites—from more than 700 episodes over the last decade. I could not be more excited. The episode features segments f

131 min
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Michael Shermer & Sean Carroll 18 May 2024 • EN

Quanta and Fields

Sean Carroll is creating a profoundly new approach to sharing physics with a broad audience, one that goes beyond analogies to show how physicists really think. He cuts to the bare mathematical essence of our most profound theories, explaining every step in a uniquely accessible way. Quantum field theory is how modern

75 min
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Are you ready to break through your limiting beliefs and achieve the goals you've always dreamed of? In this episode, former Navy SEALs reveal their powerful strategies to help you conquer obstacles and unleash your full potential. David Goggins, a best-selling author and former SEAL, teaches you how to reframe your mi

64 min
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David Meltzer & Tom Bilyeu 17 May 2024 • EN

The Evolution of Ambition with Tom Bilyeu

In today's episode, I'm joined by Tom Bilyeu, a filmmaker and billion-dollar entrepreneur renowned for his storytelling prowess and business instinct. Tom shares insights on the intricate journey from aspiring filmmaker to influential entrepreneur. We discuss the pivotal role of timing, risk tolerance, and the value of

14 min
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In this episode from 2011 I was joined by Gary Vaynerchuk who is even more well known now than he was at the time.  Gary was actually one of my influences in starting TSPC, his “coming out speech at the … Continue reading →

68 min
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