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Greg McKeown & Guy Kawasaki 29 Feb 2024 • EN

277. Think Remarkable with Guy Kawasaki (Part 2)

Listen in as we unpack the complex fabric of leadership, where the line between being a genius and a genius maker is explored through the prism of Steve Jobs' iconic tenure. In this Part 2 conversation, we reveal that true innovation lies in substance over style, and that fostering genius is about more than just a hars

33 min
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Get Dr. Ramani's book "It's Not You" and ALL her other incredible books, anywhere books are sold! Get the Start Today Journal - Have a question you want Rach to answer? An idea for a podcast episode?? Call the podcast hotline and leave a voicemail! Call (737) 400-4626

70 min
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Kara Swisher 29 Feb 2024 • EN

The Lost Boys of Big Tech

The original “Burn Book” from Mean Girls was used to spread rumors and gossip about other girls (and some boys) at North Shore High School. Kara Swisher’s new memoir, Burn Book, tells true stories about men (and some women) who ruled Silicon Valley.  Swisher recounts some of the most cringey moments of the early dot-co

31 min
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Michael Mogill & Chris Voss 29 Feb 2024 • EN

242. Chris Voss — The Secret Ingredient of Successful Negotiations

Chris Voss is one of the world's leading authorities on negotiation. As a former Lead FBI International Hostage Negotiator and CEO of The Black Swan Group, he’s spent years mastering the art of negotiation in high-stakes situations. For law firm owners, negotiation isn't a professional skill. It's a daily necessity. Ne

53 min
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Alex Honnold is history’s greatest ever climber in the free solo style, meaning he ascends without a rope or protective equipment of any kind. Above about 50 feet, any fall would likely be lethal, which means that, on epic days of soloing, he might spend 12 or more hours in the Death Zone.  On the hardest parts of some

99 min
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Maria Konnikova 29 Feb 2024 • EN

House of Cards® - Ep. 841

This week Dave talks with New York Times best-selling author, journalist, and professional poker player Maria Konnikova about her book, The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself and Win. Every week on C-Suite Radio! Interested in appearing on the show or advertising with the nation's only syndica

61 min
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