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Join my mailing list to win a real 4 billion year old meteorite! All .edu emails in the USA 🇺🇸 will WIN! In this personal conversation with a long-time friend of the show, Lawrence Krauss, I talk about my origins, my passion for physics, how I started researching the CMB, the BICEP exper

114 min
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Amy Porterfield & Gary Vaynerchuk + Jasmine Star 22 May 2024 • EN

BONUS: Go Against The Grain To Grow Your Business with Gary Vaynerchuk

Going against the grain in entrepreneurship, mastering social media marketing, and watching your online business take off with Gary Vee and Jasmine Star. If you've been putting in the work to grow your amazing online business, you've probably stumbled across the name Gary Vaynerchuk (or Gary Vee!) a time or two. And if

66 min
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A Note from James: Today, we have a remarkable guest, John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods. Whole Foods is my go-to place for groceries, whether I'm shopping in-store or ordering via Instacart. John’s story is fascinating. He started as a young, hippie-ish guy living in a commune and working in a food co-op. One day

70 min
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Adam Carolla & Anthony Scaramucci 23 May 2024 • EN

Anthony Scaramucci on Biden v. Trump + Apple’s Best Albums & Near Beer

Adam and Chris talk about a tech issue Adam had during his radio interviews in the morning. The guys also discuss non-alcoholic beers and cocktails, which leads Adam to tell a few stories about iconic beer chugger Bill ‘The Fox’ Foster from The Man Show. Adam also shares a video of Karine Jean-Pierre answering a report

132 min
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Patrick Wood returns to the Courtenay Turner Podcast to discuss the roots of technochracy, the threats to freedom of speech and the war on humanity from seemingly every possible angle. Patrick draws from his extensive research on the history of the Trilateral commission to explain how they have shaped the plans to crea

141 min
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Dax Shepard & Ramani Durvasula 23 May 2024 • EN

Ramani Durvasula (on narcissism)

Ramani Durvasula (It’s Not You: Identifying and Healing from Narcissistic People) is a clinical psychologist and author. Ramani joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why it’s so difficult to study narcissism, why she thinks it’s good for therapists to be in therapy too, and the dark tetrad of personality. Ramani and Dax

117 min
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