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Today’s episode is about a topic that I am truly passionate about - the introduction of social media and smartphones into all aspects of our lives - and what impact this is having on us individually, collectively and, perhaps most urgently, what impact is this having on our children.   Jonathan Haidt is arguably one of

124 min
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Jameela Jamil & Simon Sinek 28 May 2024 • EN

Discover Your Purpose with Simon Sinek

With Mental Health Awareness Month wrapping up, Jameela welcomes author, inspirational speaker and optimist Simon Sinek (Start With Why, TEDTalk) to examine what gives our life purpose by discovering our WHY. They talk about how loneliness and day-to-day conflicts that impact our mental health, the ways we can equip ou

60 min
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Marie Forleo & Emily Morse 28 May 2024 • EN

Is Stress Killing Your Sex Drive? w/ Dr. Emily Morse

Sex life feeling stale? Or worse... stalled completely? If you're feeling lackluster and wondering how (or IF) you can get your mojo back -- today's #MarieTV is for you. Sex doctor Emily Morse reveals how to find your lost libido, plus science-backed secrets to get WAY more pleasure in the bedroom -- and your life -- s

53 min
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Today, Lewis is joined by the extraordinary Dean Graziosi, a renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, and transformative speaker. Dean, known for his book Millionaire Success Habits and his work alongside icons like Tony Robbins, shares his strategies for bridging the gap between current realities and aspirational g

79 min
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Protect Your Retirement W/ a Gold and/or Silver IRA: or CALL( 877) 646-5347 - Noble Gold is Who I Trust   Dr. James Thorp is back to blow the whistle on Pfizer, Moderna and the white coat killers. Get the good stuff here: The Wellness Center! Get Z-Stack and Z-D

61 min
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Dave Rubin & Tom Bilyeu 26 May 2024 • EN

What Happens Next with AI Will Tear Society Apart | Tom Bilyeu

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Tom Bilyeu of “Impact Theory” about why he continues to live in Los Angeles despite high taxes and crime; how he learned to take important risks; his vital advice for young entrepreneurs; why his show that was focused on mindset evolved to cover financial and world affairs; his

61 min
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