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Ryan Holiday & Kate Flannery 06 Dec 2023 • EN

Kate Flannery on the Rise and Fall of American Apparel (PT 2)

On today’s episode of the Daily Stoic podcast Ryan speaks with author Kate Flannery on how having worked for American Apparel gave Kate a bad reputation, It’s hard to get someone to see something that their salary depends on them not seeing, the difference between quitting and getting fired along with her first book St

74 min
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Whitney Cummings & Trevor Wallace 06 Dec 2023 • EN

Trevor Wallace

🦖- Trevor Wallace (Pterodactyl, Stiff Socks) - Whitney and Trevor talk about how to not behave on dates, all things LOL, and Trevor goes through Whitney’s online dating account. Thank you to our sponsors: FUNLOVE - code: GOODFORYOU ZOCDOC QUIP https://www.getquip

89 min
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One's a legend, the other's a phenom. Together, they offer practical wisdom for maintaining your daily meditation practice, handling conflict, connecting with community, and understanding the limits of the mind. Jack Kornfield trained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand, India, and Burma. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psycho

64 min
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Ed Mylett & Dave Asprey 05 Dec 2023 • EN

Revolutionary Wellness Through Biohacking w Dave Asprey

🔥🧬UNLOCK YOUR SUPERHUMAN SELF and dive into the world of Biohacking! 🧬🔥 In this episode we’re revealing how to LIVE LONGER, HEALTHIER and more EFFICIENTLY than ever before even if you’ve tried numerous diets and workout routines in the past and failed! Maybe it's time to shift gears and dive into the world of BIOHA

54 min
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Joe Saul-Sehy + Josh Bannerman & Mike Massimino 06 Dec 2023 • EN

How to Achieve Challenging and Unlikely Goals with Astronaut Mike Massimino (SB1445)

What is the best "next move" for your career or your passion? Keep moving. Dr. Mike Massimino knows how to achieve unlikely goals. He not only applied to be an astronaut three times before being accepted as a candidate, the third time he applied he was medically disqualified. Yet, he still found a way to work about two

74 min
No file found

Dive into a captivating exploration of human biology and connection—erotic blueprints. Discover four primal drivers: fear, food, friends, and fertility, with a unique focus on fertility in this episode. Miss Jaiya, a leader in somatic sexology, sheds light on the intimate realm of human relationships and pleasure. As a

84 min
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