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Stephen Colbert & José Andrés 26 Nov 2023 • EN

Meanwhile | Chef José Andrés

Meanwhile… Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes revealed some very personal information about his game day wardrobe, and Hallmark movie fans have an amazing job opportunity this holiday season. Next up, Chef José Andrés stops by to try out some new Thanksgiving traditions with Stephen Colbert, including a duc

15 min
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Kathrine Switzer is a trailblazer in women's sports history. The first woman to register & run the Boston Marathon, she ignited a revolution empowering women worldwide.

51 min
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Learn more about Matt Ehret and his work:   We The People must stand strong, stay united, resolute, calm and focus on the mission - God Wins!   We at want to thank all our amazing patriots pals for joining us on this journey, for your supp

58 min
No file found
Scott Horton & Michael Tracey 25 Nov 2023 • EN

Michael Tracey on Ethnic Cleansing on the West Bank

Michael Tracey joined Scott on Antiwar Radio this week to discuss his experience reporting from Israel. He explained why he decided to travel there and what surprised him about the country.  Discussed on the show: Defamation (IMDb) “Biden admin officials see proof their strategy is working in hostage deal” (Politico) M

32 min
No file found
Sean Hannity & Jim Jordan 25 Nov 2023 • EN

Jim Jordan - November 24th, Hour 1

Sean and Jim Jordan react to stories that Hunter Biden wants House Republicans to stop their investigations into his scandals.... why would this every be done? See for privacy information.

30 min
No file found
Charles Coutinho & Jeremy Black 25 Nov 2023 • EN

Jeremy Black, "A Brief History of History" (Indiana UP, 2023)

In A Brief History of History (Indiana UP, 2023), acclaimed historian Jeremy Black seeks to reinvigorate and redefine our ideas about history. The stories we tell about the past are a crucial aspect of all cultures. However, while the traditional storytelling process—what we think of as "history" in the proper sense—is

29 min
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