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Dr. Daniel Amen"s Importance on Brain Health | The Hopeaholics Podcast Dr. Daniel Amen is a renowned psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and best-selling author, dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the human brain. His groundbreaking work has redefined the way we approach mental health, emphasizing the crucial role that

58 min
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Charlie Kirk & Glenn Beck 01 Mar 2024 • EN

Why Elites Are Taking Aim at "White Rural Rage"

Biden's approval rating isn't bad because his policies are disasters. Not according to the press, anyway. No, instead they're blaming "white rural rage." Charlie explains the left's latest hateful smear. Glenn Beck joins to discuss Biden's arrest of J6 journalist Steve Baker. For more content, become a member at member

32 min
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Kara Swisher landed on the tech beat as a young reporter at the Washington Post decades ago. She would stare at the teletype machine at the entrance and wonder why this antique sat there when it could already be supplanted by a computer. She eventually foretold the threat that posed to her own business—print journalism

27 min
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Joe Rogan & Dan Soder 01 Mar 2024 • EN

#2112 - Dan Soder

Dan Soder is a stand-up comic, actor, on-air personality, and host of the "Soder" podcast. Check out his new special "Dan Soder: On The Road" available now on YouTube. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

200 min
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Maria Bamford 01 Mar 2024 • EN

Maria Bamford and Isabeau Waia'u Walker

Comedian Maria Bamford chats about her new book Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult, which unpacks mental illness and the quest to belong... and why 12-step programs and the Suzuki Method have more in common than you might think. Then, singer-songwriter Isabeau Waia'u Walker performs her song "The Prince," written as a tribute t

51 min
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Greg McKeown & Guy Kawasaki 29 Feb 2024 • EN

277. Think Remarkable with Guy Kawasaki (Part 2)

Listen in as we unpack the complex fabric of leadership, where the line between being a genius and a genius maker is explored through the prism of Steve Jobs' iconic tenure. In this Part 2 conversation, we reveal that true innovation lies in substance over style, and that fostering genius is about more than just a hars

33 min
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