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Thomas Carrigan & Tom Luongo + David Collum + James H. Kunstler 14 Jul 2024 • EN

COME FOR THE KING CAST | James Kunstler, Dave Collum, Tom Luongo (TPC #1,526)

Dave Twitter: Tom Gold Goats 'n Gun Blog Tom Patreon - Gold Goats 'n Guns Investment Newsletter: Tom Twitter: Tom Odysee

73 min
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Dave Rubin the host of The Rubin Report, and the author of “Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason”. In an effort to combat big tech censorship, Rubin founded, a subscription based digital platform that empowers creators to be independent by giving them control over their content a

81 min
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Thomas Carrigan & Clare Lopez 14 Jul 2024 • EN

Trump Survived | Clare Lopez (TPC #1,525)

Clare Lopez and she served in the CIA for 20 years. - Citizens Commission on National Security - successor to CC on Benghazi - The United West - when you get a "security" warning, just ignore it & override it - Big Tech censors...  

46 min
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Ryan Holiday & Jordan Harbinger 13 Jul 2024 • EN

The Price of Integrity | Jordan Harbinger

Having interviewed over 1,000 people, how does Jordan Harbinger decide who he brings on his wildly successful podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show? What guests, topics, or advertisers has he turned down despite how click-worthy or lucrative they are? Listen in to today’s conversation with Jordan Harbinger and Ryan Holida

48 min
No file found
John Solomon & Peter McCullough 14 Jul 2024 • EN

JTN Special Report: ‘Pandemic Pandemonium’

John Solomon and Dr. Peter McCullough of The Wellness Company sat down for a special report on public health and how America can be better prepared amid growing concerns about bird flu. McCullough described the virus as “very mild,” but pointed out that it was a product of U.S.-funded gain-of-function research, saying,

50 min
No file found

We couldn’t miss EthCC 7, nor the chance to chat with Vitalik Buterin about Ethereum’s status quo as an L1 amidst the plethora of L2s competing for market share, and what challenges will most likely arise along the way (e.g. staking decentralisation). Tune in for a captivating discussion on the importance of decentrali

52 min
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