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How does the United States impose a regime change on Iran without entering into to a forever war? Former U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton joins Liz to discuss what the U.S. should do in response to the attacks against Israel and how Israel can eradicate Hamas once and for all.  Learn more about your ad choice

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Liz Wheeler 20 Oct 2023 • EN

Liz Wheeler: The Attack on America’s Kids

Liz Wheeler joins She Thinks podcast to discuss her new book, Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America’s Kids. We dissect the ways the Left has infiltrated our cultural institutions and weaponized our government all in a deliberate attack on our children. She also outlines the ways we can

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Liz Wheeler 18 Oct 2023 • EN

Episode 86 | Liz Wheeler

When it comes to the Left’s desire to control American kids, institutions, and government, “expect escalation,” Liz Wheeler writes in her new book, “Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America's Kids.” There is no denying the disastrous result of pandemic policies that shut down America and p

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Liz Wheeler 11 Oct 2023 • EN

Liz Wheeler

The King welcomes Liz Wheeler, author of the new book, Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America's Kids. While complacent conservatives looked the other way, Marxists overthrew our cultural institutions. In Hide Your Children, Liz exposes their war on kids—from teachers unions to school cou

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Bryce Eddy & Liz Wheeler 04 Oct 2023 • EN

Liz Wheeler | Hide Your Children

Bryce Eddy is joined by Liz Wheeler to discuss her book Hide Your Children as well as the Marxist Ideology that is destroying America. Putting the "MAN" back in mankind! Visit to get your free copy of Alliance Entrust's book on financial stewardship, 'Wisdom Before Wealth'. BE A THREAT TO

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Patrick Bet-David & Liz Wheeler 03 Oct 2023 • EN

Home Team With Liz Wheeler | PBD Podcast | Ep. 309

On this episode of the PBD Podcast, Liz Wheeler joins the show. Liz is an American conservative political commentator, author, and podcast host. From 2015 to 2020, Wheeler hosted One America News Network's Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler, where she was known for her finale segment, "Final Point." Purchase Liz's new book

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