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Donna Serdula is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and brand strategist. Her expertise is LinkedIn, Personal Branding, Content Creation, etc...

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Are you hiding behind your shadows? Today’s Mike features the incredible Donna Serdula, an authority in LinkedIn branding and business, who’s here to help you own and share your story purposefully. Donna Serdula joins us to discuss the imperative of crafting your LinkedIn profile to truly reflect who you are and where

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As entrepreneurs, service providers, and coaches, you need online visibility. One way to increase your visibility is to improve your LinkedIn profile. Follow the advice below to enhance your profile and elevate your online visibility as the go-to in your area of expertise. How should you approach writing your LinkedIn

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George Torok & Donna Serdula 15 Feb 2024 • EN

Your Linkedin Profile Might be Hurting You: Donna Serdula

What does your Linkedin profile say about you and your organization? Using Linkedin to project your personal brand Episode 194 (Donna is based in Pennsylvania) In this conversation with Donna Serdula we explore: What can executive leader gain from enhancing their Linkedin Profile Why Linkedin is more than a job board W

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Donna Serdula is the founder and president of Vision Board Media, a professional branding company that helps individuals and companies tell their unique stories on LinkedIn and beyond. Bringing dynamic brand storytelling to the masses and empowering people to dream big – that's the ink in her pen.   It's her Website Li

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Discover the art 🎨 of transforming digital connections into real-world relationships in our exclusive interview with Donna Serdula, a leading LinkedIn profile optimization and networking authority. 📈 Donna highlights the importance of LinkedIn networking in today's digital world and shares strategies for effective on

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If you regularly listen to this show, you have heard me talking about my love for LinkedIn. This platform has brought me fantastic clients and business opportunities, expanding collaborations and deep friendships. So I want you to fall in love with it, too! Our guest today, Donna Serdula, has been using LinkedIn since

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