Accelerate Your Business Growth

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Featured on's list of 100 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter, Better, and Wiser, MSNBC's Your Business, and on the Fit Small Business list of best small business podcasts, this show is designed to help small business owners, salespeople, and new entrepreneurs with the various aspects of business success. We have a great lineup of guests and topics scheduled. We’ll be talking about everything from sales to employee issues; from technology to social media; from work-life balance to exploring uncharted territory. The host, Diane Helbig's goal is to help you remove challenges so that you can realize your own success with your business. Be sure to subscribe to the iTunes channel or follow this podcast so you never miss an episode! Small business owners face challenges in a variety of areas throughout their ownership journey. For some the challenge is creating a sales strategy that brings results. For others dealing with employees can be very challenging. Growing pains come up at startup, growth, and exit. Marketing and branding are two topics that can be confusing for businessowners. Leadership and communication are also areas where leaders struggle. Finding answers, ideas, resources, and tools can make the journey easier. The guests who join Diane are experts in their fields. They provide actional expertise so the small business owner, leader, or salesperson can put those ideas into action. The host, Diane Helbig, has over 20 years of experience in business leadership and sales. She advises small business owners and trains professionals on leadership, selling, customer service, and time management. The podcast provides her with another way to get valuable information in front of businessowners, sales professionals, and business leaders. No matter what country you are in, from the United States to Canada to Australia to the European Union, the answers in each episode are valuable. Leaders in every industry can connect with the experts and learn from them. What’s your pain? Succession planning? Marketing? Business growth? Hiring? Legal and/or accounting issues? Family business challenges? Sales? Strategic planning? Dealing with employees? Creating structure and process? Networking successfully? Prospecting? Account management? Using discovery to grow? If it’s a business topic we have the guests who can help you. Many guests are bestselling authors and offer free resources or promotions on their products or services. Some of them have podcasts as well so you can tap into their guests as well. The guests have been curated from all over the world to bring you relevant, timely ideas you can implement immediately. Some evergreen topics include: podcasting, branding, marketing a small business, social media marketing, business systems, entrepreneurial dreams, leaving a legacy, team building, servant leadership, SEO, cashflow, emotional intelligence, cold outreach, cold calling, investing, ideal client, bottom line, sales development, adaptive leadership, feedback, workforce development, decision making, profit, goal setting, trust based selling, personal brand, mindset, scale small business, fear of selling, marketing strategies, LinkedIn, revenue generating, click funnels, lead generation, how to sell more, negotiation, digital marketing, small business tax, culture.


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Welcome to another episode of "Accelerate Your Business Growth." In this episode, Diane Helbig interviews Brian Franco, the founder and managing partner of Meritage Partners and the host of the Private Capital Master podcast. Brian shares his expertise in mergers and acquisitions as well as exit planning strategies for

29 min
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26 Feb 2024 • EN

Get Better Connected

In today's episode of "Accelerate Your Business Growth," host Diane Helbig interviews Terry Bean, a passionate business growth strategist, sought-after speaker, and corporate trainer. The conversation delves into the powerful impact of self-awareness and authenticity on business and personal growth. Terry shares insigh

21 min
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22 Feb 2024 • EN

Make Sales Magical

Welcome back to another episode of "Accelerate Your Business Growth." I'm your host, Diane Helbig, and today we have a fascinating guest, Craig Andrews, who is the principal ally and founder of the marketing agency, Allies For Me. Craig aims to help companies find strangers and convert them into high-paying customers u

37 min
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19 Feb 2024 • EN

Building Trust and Rapport

Welcome to "Accelerate Your Business Growth"! In this episode, our host Diane Helbig engages in a powerful conversation with guest Leah Zimmerman, an esteemed advisor for CEOs and business leaders. Leah shares invaluable insights on navigating difficult conversations, whether with others or within oneself. Together, th

40 min
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Welcome to "Accelerate Your Business Growth." In this episode, Diane Helbig sits down with Andrea Johnson to delve into the essential role of core values in work relationships and communication. Andrea shares insights on aligning core values with work environments and emphasizes the necessity for all individuals to kno

32 min
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In this episode, Diane Helbig talks to Patti Denucci, an expert on purposeful business networking and socialization. Patti shares her insights on the importance of these skills for personal and professional growth. They discuss the barriers impacting socialization, misconceptions about business networking, and strategi

28 min
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