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Scott Galloway & Dan Ariely 01 Feb 2024 • EN

Conversation with Dan Ariely — Why People Believe Irrational Things

Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University, joins Scott to discuss what makes rational people believe seemingly irrational things. He also shares how we avoid certain facts when we don’t like the solution, as well as how a lack of trust in one area can spiral into others.  Follow

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We continue our series on belief…by looking at misbelief. We’re back with our expert, Dan are-ee-elly, to see what drives him. And we’ll give special attention to the beliefs that drive him. Dan again is an Israeli-American professor and author who serves as a James B. Duke Professor of psychology and behavioral econom

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Robert Glazer & Dan Ariely 23 Jan 2024 • EN

Dan Ariely on Predictable Irrationality and Misbelief

Dan Ariely is one of the world's leading experts on irrationality. He is the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, where he attempts to put economic research in plain language. He is also a celebrated author of several bestselling books, including Predictably Irrational. He’

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You’ve heard me talk often as of late about what I’ve grown to believe are the dangers of our individual and cultural beliefs. We all want to know what is and what is not and be able to count on it. That’s human nature. But the more I’ve learned in my lifetime, the more of my past beliefs I no longer believe. I just as

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Dan Ariely is a superstar TED talker and a world-leading social psychologist, specialising in the study of irrational behaviour and bad decisions. His new book Misbelief is a guide to why some people adopt conspiratorial beliefs and how the rest of us can help rather than make things worse - and offer advice to help us

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Dax Shepard & Dan Ariely 02 Nov 2023 • EN

Dan Ariely (on behavioral economics)

Dan Ariely is a social scientist, professor, and author. Dan joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why people often want to regulate other’s behavior, what factors can affect workplace employees’ motivations, and how people live in different realities from each other. Dan and Dax talk about the funnel of misbelief, what

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