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Gayle Allen is the host and creator of Curious Minds at Work.

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Gayle Allen & Anna Lembke 15 Jan 2024 • EN

CM 257: Anna Lembke on Our Digital Addictions

For many of us, the word addiction quickly conjures up images of drugs and alcohol. But we’re often slower to apply the term to compulsive, tech-induced behaviors like playing video games, checking social media, or shopping online. We prefer to think of these pleasure-seeking activities as harmless distractions. Yet th

53 min
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Gayle Allen & Gloria Mark 09 Oct 2023 • EN

CM 250: Gloria Mark on Improving Our Attention

We live and work in a digital world where getting interrupted by communication tools is the norm. That means we shift our attention at least every 47 seconds. Then it takes us about 30 minutes to get back on task. At the same time, we continually interrupt ourselves – looking things up, tracking information down. While

54 min
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Gayle Allen & Hal Hershfield 04 Jun 2023 • EN

CM 241: Hal Hershfield on Creating Your Tomorrow

We’ve all had the experience of working toward goals today that would benefit us in the future. Goals like exercising more, losing weight, or saving for retirement. Yet when faced with early-morning alarms or tempting desserts, we may lose sight of our goals. But what if the answer to sticking with them was to form a r

40 min
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Gayle Allen & Adam Alter 22 May 2023 • EN

CM 240: Adam Alter on Simple Ways to Get Unstuck

At some point, we all get stuck. Maybe it’s in a job or career. Maybe it’s a relationship or business venture. Though it’s something we all experience, when it happens, we can feel alone and out of our depth. Emotions may overwhelm us. Mental traps lure is in. In no time at all, we can’t see a way out. Award-winning pr

48 min
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Gayle Allen & Rina Bliss 08 May 2023 • EN

CM 239: Rina Bliss on Why IQ is a Myth

There’s never been a better time to question how we measure intelligence. With ChatGPT and other forms of artificial intelligence pushing the boundaries of what it means to be smart, there’s an opportunity – even an urgency – to reconsider everything we know. That’s why I wanted to talk to Rina Bliss, author of the boo

45 min
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Gayle Allen & Karen Dillon + Rob Cross 24 Apr 2023 • EN

CM 238: Rob Cross and Karen Dillon on How to Handle Microstress

Small things add up. And, for the most part, that’s a good thing. Like taking the stairs to get more exercise or swapping out something sugary for a piece of fruit. Over time, small actions like these can add up to a healthier lifestyle. Yet there are times when the small things that add up work against our well-being.

41 min
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