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CM 239: Rina Bliss on Why IQ is a Myth

08 May 2023 • 45 min • EN
45 min
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There’s never been a better time to question how we measure intelligence. With ChatGPT and other forms of artificial intelligence pushing the boundaries of what it means to be smart, there’s an opportunity – even an urgency – to reconsider everything we know. That’s why I wanted to talk to Rina Bliss, author of the book, Rethinking Intelligence: A Radical New Understanding of Our Human Potential. A sociologist and genetics expert, Rina brings a fresh perspective to the discussion that expands what’s been, for far too long, a reductive numbers game. In this interview, Rina offers a new model for assessing aptitude, one that extends beyond test results and mistaken assumptions about genetics. Instead, she explains how intelligence is far from fixed and how it’s deeply influenced by the degree of stress, connection, and play in our lives.   Her book is filled with insights on how to rethink what it means to be smart, along with steps we can take to protect and deepen our intelligence. Episode Links AI Can’t Teach Children to Learn. What’s Missing? Conceptualizing Race in the Genomic Age DNA Tests for Intelligence Ignore the Real Reasons Why Kids Succeed or Fail The Secret Life of Groceries by Benjamin Lorr The Team Learn more about host, Gayle Allen, and producer, Rob Mancabelli, here. Support the Podcast If you like the show, please rate and review it on iTunes or wherever you subscribe, and tell a friend or family member about the show. Subscribe Click here and then scroll down to see a sample of sites where you can subscribe.

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