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A leading behavioral psychologist reveals practical strategies to help you actually make the changes you want to make this new year (and beyond). Hal Hershfield is a professor of marketing, behavioral decision-making, and psychology at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, and the author of Your Future Self: How to Mak

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Maya Shankar & Hal Hershfield 27 Nov 2023 • EN

Your Future Self Needs Your Help Today

Hal Hershfield is a psychologist who studies the emotional connection we have to our “future selves." He talks with Maya about tactics we can use to strengthen this connection, and why it matters. If you enjoyed this episode, try this one from the archive: “The Science of Self-Compassion” For a behind-the-scenes look a

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To access our conference library of 200+ fascinating psychology talks and interviews (with certification), please visit: https://twumembers.com In this interview, I’m joined by Professor Hal Hershfield. Hal is a Professor of Marketing, Behavioural Decision Making, and Psychology at UCLA, who Angela Duckworth describes

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Hal Hershfield is here to discuss the concept of the future self and its impact on decision-making, featuring insights from his new book, Your Future Self. Hershfield explains that humans often prioritize their present desires over their future goals, leading to short-term thinking and procrastination.  He highlights t

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Whitney Johnson & Hal Hershfield 19 Sep 2023 • EN

339 Hal Hershfield: Learning To Love The Person You'll Become

Who were you ten years ago? How did that person think? How did they see the world? And what about today? How have those things changed? How would you feel if you passed that person on the street tomorrow? Would you recognize them? Now instead of who you were, ten years ago, what if it’s who you want to be ten years fro

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Jeff Brown & Hal Hershfield 05 Sep 2023 • EN

491: Your Future Self with Hal Hershfield

Today’s feature book is one that I can’t wait to read with others. Yes, I’ve read it myself, but I want to talk about with other people and share insights ASAP. That’s when you know you’ve stumbled across a great book. And that book is Your Future Self: How to Make Tomorrow Better Today, and […] The post 491: Your Futu

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