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It's something we've all been a little uncomfortable talking about, but not today. She hosts her own podcast, "Sex with Emily" and now Emily Morse is On Display to talk about all things sex. What's the importance of different sex drives? How can you hurdle sexual rejection from your partner? Why does "faking it" not fi

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Emily Morse & Esther Perel 05 Sep 2023 • EN

Why Do Couples Stop Having Sex? w/ Esther Perel

Esther Perel is one of the most fascinating contemporary thinkers on sex and relationships. A psychotherapist and two-time bestselling author, she’s the host of the “Where Should We Begin?” podcast, which takes you inside the therapist’s office and lets you listen in on her sessions with clients. Esther is noticing som

50 min
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Emily Morse & Wednesday Martin 01 Aug 2023 • EN

Sex + Life in Your 50s w/ Dr. Wednesday Martin

It’s time to debunk the toxic myths around sex and age. Does sexual satisfaction drop off as you get older? Absolutely not! In fact, the data tells us the exact opposite is true. Today, anthropologist, bestselling author and my dear friend Dr. Wednesday Martin and I lay out the facts, which is fitting: we’re both in ou

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Christine Hassler & Emily Morse 15 Jul 2023 • EN

CC: Smart Sex with Emily Morse

Let's talk about sex and shame and desire and pleasure! Emily Morse joins me to dive into why our sex life is so important and how to up our Sex IQ. Emily is the host of Sex with Emily, the #1 podcast on sex and relationships. She received a Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institutefor the Advancement of Human Se

51 min
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Emily Morse & Will Cole 11 Jul 2023 • EN

Eat Your Way to Better Sex w/ Dr. Will Cole

How do your meals affect your sex drive? Are your hormones interfering with your pleasure? And real talk…does alcohol make it harder for you to orgasm? Dr. Will Cole hosts the podcast The Art of Being Well, and on today’s show, he explains the connection between what you eat and how you feel – both in and out of the be

57 min
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Chelsea Handler & Emily Morse 15 Jun 2023 • EN

Maybe Don’t Report Back with Emily Morse

Sex with Emily’s Emily Morse is in the studio today to talk about finding out what you need before you can get in the mood, being present during sex, and why scheduled sex is actually the hottest sex of all.  Then: a twenty-something finds herself celibate after a herpes diagnosis.  And an expat is upset about her Germ

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