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Damona Hoffman & Sherry Gaba + Carla Romo 21 Mar 2023 • EN

Dating Up & Toxic Relationship Fix

Sherry Gaba, licensed psychotherapist, and Carla Romo, certified Life and Dating & Relationship Coach, talk about how to avoid toxic relationships, trust your gut and find and keep healthy love. This week’s Dating Dish is: Is “dating up” a bad thing? The Dear Damona question this week is: Should I reveal my STI status

53 min
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Damona Hoffman & Emily Morse 14 Feb 2023 • EN

Code-Switching Valentine & Smart Sex

Emily Morse, Doctor of Human Sexuality & the host of the Sex With Emily podcast, talks about her new book, “Smart Sex: How to Boost Your Sex IQ and Own Your Pleasure” in this very special Valentine’s Day episode. This week’s Dating Dish: Do you code-switch on dating apps? Plus, Emily answers these question with Damona

52 min
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Damona Hoffman & Britt Frank 31 Jan 2023 • EN

Getting Unstuck & Profession Confession

Britt Frank, author and licensed psychotherapist, talks about her new book, The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward. This week’s Dating Dish is: How Reproductive Rights Impact Dating (according to new OkCupid data). The Dear Damona questions this week is: How much is too much when it co

46 min
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Damona Hoffman & Dan Savage 17 Jan 2023 • EN

Savage Love & Hookup Hangup

Dan Savage, the host of the Savage Lovecast and the long-running column, Savage Love, talks about writing the rules of your own relationship. This week’s Dating Dish: If you clap when planes land, your partner might break up with you. Plus, Dan joins Damona in a very special Dear Damona to answer these questions: I put

56 min
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Damona Hoffman & Nora McInerny 11 Oct 2022 • EN

Retro Dating & Bad Vibes Only

Nora McInerny, author and host of the podcast, Terrible, Thanks For Asking, discusses how she managed after losing the love of her life, how she opened herself back up to love and how every experience in between led her to exactly where she is today. The Dating Dish headline today is: Dating is Broken. Going Retro Coul

49 min
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John Kim & Damona Hoffman 29 Jun 2022 • EN

Dating With Damona Hoffman

In this episode, John interviews Celebrity Dating Coach Damona Hoffman who has been coaching singles on how to find love online and offline for over 15 years. Her articles appear regularly in The LA Times and The Washington Post. Plus, she’s a regular on-air contributor to The Drew Barrymore Show, NPR, and NBC’s Access

58 min
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