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Our dear friend Cathy Heller, the Queen of podcasts, is back! And the love and positivity flows so freely from her that you will find yourself smiling the whole time. Her energy is infectious and her words will deeply inspire you. And this is just a regular ol conversation! Don"t miss it, you"ll be so glad you tuned in

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Cathy Heller & Jamie Kern Lima 04 Mar 2024 • EN

Jamie Kern Lima on How to Build Unshakable Self Worth

How can you unlearn the lies you have around your worthiness? Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, New York Times bestselling author, investor, speaker, and philanthropist is back to share the lessons from her new book, Worthy. She teaches you how to believe that you are enough as you are, reframe rejection and fa

46 min
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Cathy Heller & Gay Hendricks 12 Feb 2024 • EN

Gay Hendricks on How to Manifest Your Next Level Life this Year

How can you make this year your big leap year? Dr. Gay Hendricks, founder of the Hendricks Institute and New York Times bestselling author is back to share how his new book, Your Big Leap Year can help you manifest more wealth, love, and creativity. He teaches you how to commit to your goals and actually stick to them,

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How can we face the truth even when it's hard to accept? Mitch Albom, #1 NYT bestselling author, philanthropist, screenwriter, columnist, and songwriter is back to share the lessons about honesty, survival, hope, and love from his new novel, The Little Liar. He talks about how to forgive yourself and others for things

57 min
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Cathy Heller & Cleo Wade 19 Oct 2023 • EN

Cleo Wade on How to Remember Love & Get Through Tender Times

How can you see the beauty even through tough times? Cleo Wade, New York Times bestselling author and poet, artist, and activist was in a period of feeling lost and disconnected from herself when she heard the words, "Remember Love." She shares the insights from her new book, like how to find light when you're wanderin

49 min
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What does it take to create a successful online course that can completely transform your life? Amy Porterfield, 8 figure entrepreneur, online marketing and digital course expert, and podcaster figured out the formula to a winning course that can forever change a person's income and impact. Her message and methods have

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