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Catherine Price 16 Nov 2023 • EN

Solo Book Club: How To Break Up With Your Phone

Peter McGraw invites Christina Martinez and Brandon Patrick back into the Solo Studio for a new book club. They discuss Catherine Price's book, How to Break Up with Your Phone. It's a fun, inspiring conversation that may help you live a more remarkable life by spending less time on your phone. Love the show? Subscribe,

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Erin Holland & Catherine Price 04 Jul 2023 • EN

Are you having fun yet?, featuring Catherine Price

As a parent, you have a lot on your plate—and sometimes you end up sacrificing self-care and any small things that bring you joy. But actually, fun is a feeling rather than an activity, and happiness is something you can choose. Catherine Price is a science journalist and author who is passionate about helping people m

14 min
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Erin Holland & Catherine Price 23 Aug 2022 • EN

Forget vitamins, go have some fun instead, featuring Catherine Price

What made you smile today? If it’s tough to answer this, you’re not alone. We get overwhelmed with all the things of life—work, home, kids—that it’s easy to miss the small moments that would bring us joy.  Catherine Price is a science journalist and author who is passionate about helping people make positive changes in

13 min
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Mitch Joel & Catherine Price 24 Jul 2022 • EN

SPOS #837 - Catherine Price On Why Fun Is Better Than Tech

Welcome to episode #837 of Six Pixels of Separation. Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #837 - Host: Mitch Joel. This week, TED released a new talk titled, Why fun is the secret to a healthier life, that was delivered by Catherine Price on the main stage at TED in Vancouver a few months back. It's an event

61 min
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John O'Leary & Catherine Price 09 Jun 2022 • EN

The Power of Fun with Screen/Life Balance Expert Cathrine Price

Catherine Price is an award-winning science journalist, screen/life balance expert and the author of books including The Power of Fun and How to Break Up with Your Phone.   In our always-on, productivity-addicted lifestyles, we tend to think of the pursuit of fun as being indulgent or even childish. We claim not to hav

47 min
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Joe Wicks & Catherine Price 08 Jun 2022 • EN

26. Catherine Price: Breaking up with my phone

The UK’s favourite fitness coach is back with series three of his podcast. This summer, Joe will be speaking to inspirational friends and some of his favourite people to ask them what they do to keep themselves feeling mentally and physically strong in the face of life’s little challenges. It might be relaxing with Leg

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