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Ali Abdaal & Noah Kagan 30 Jan 2024 • EN

How To Start Your First Business in 48 Hours - Noah Kagan

In this episode of Deep Dive I sit down to talk with Noah Kagan, the author, entrepreneur and YouTuber who built AppSumo, a multimillion dollar software company. He has just released his new book, The Million Dollar Weekend, which is all about how you can instantly start a business which could change your life. We talk

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The episode is a masterclass on how to enhance productivity, elevate your work and personal life and cultivate a balanced and happy lifestyle. Ali Adbaal is a YouTube and author, his videos on productivity tips and study hacks have gained him over 5 millions subscribers and over 380 million views. Before beginning his

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Ali Abdaal 06 Jan 2024 • EN

#86 Ali Abdaal: How to Defeat Procrastination

Ali Abdaal makes productivity more fun. He teaches through his YouTube channel, podcast (Deep Dive) and his book titled Feel Good Productivity.  In this episode we discuss: The moment he decided to change careers from medicine to a full time YouTuber The importance of a beginners mindset How asking for help actually st

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Ali Abdaal is a doctor and one of the world’s most-followed productivity experts. In 2017, during his final year at Cambridge University, Ali started posting YouTube videos about health and productivity. His channel now has over 5 million subscribers and his acclaimed online productivity courses have hundreds of thousa

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Noah Kagan & Ali Abdaal 29 Dec 2023 • EN

How to Be Productive (and Happy) - Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdal, is one of the world's most-followed productivity experts. His YouTube channel has 5 million subscribers and his new book ‘Feel Good Productivity’ has just launched and if you want to know how to do more of what really matters in life, you need to check this out .  Today he shares insights on the intersection

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Pat Flynn & Ali Abdaal 27 Dec 2023 • EN

How to Have Your Most Productive Year with Ali Abdaal

#745 We have productivity all wrong! Discipline and grit are vital, sure. But here's the thing—no one procrastinates on watching Netflix. It's no secret that we're more likely to do the things that feel good. So, how do we apply this concept to growing a business? How do we make our work feel great? My special guest, A

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