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Back in Chapter 101 of ‘3 Books’ we had a magical, eve-of-‘Everything-Everywhere-All-At-Once’-coming-out moment-in-time conversation with creative super-geniuses Daniels — who are Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. We were discussing the fascinating book 'Sex At Dawn' and our conversation led to discussing Dunbar’s Numb

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Chris Williamson & Robin Dunbar 20 Mar 2023 • EN

#604 - Robin Dunbar - The Evolutionary Story Of Human Friendship

Robin Dunbar is an anthropologist, evolutionary psychologist, head of the Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group at the University of Oxford and an author. Most animals need friends to survive. But no other animal has as layered and complex a social life as humans. The last 2 million years from trees to pl

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Dan Harris & Robin Dunbar 31 Oct 2022 • EN

The Science of Making and Keeping Friends | Robin Dunbar

Friendship might not necessarily be something you’ve considered to be an urgent psychological and physiological issue. One thing we explore a lot on the show is that the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life, and sadly, in many ways, it’s harder than ever to make and keep friends. With lonel

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Adam Conover & Robin Dunbar 04 May 2022 • EN

How Religion Evolved with Robin Dunbar

Instead of debunking religious beliefs, what if we investigated where religion comes from, and why it’s virtually universal across human cultures? Anthropologist and “How Religion Evolved And Why It Endures” author Robin Dunbar joins Adam to discuss the origins of religion. He describes how touch, laughter, and song bo

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Daniel Bennett & Robin Dunbar 24 Apr 2022 • EN

The origins of religion, with Robin Dunbar

Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology, explains why spirituality and religion took root in early humans. Once you’ve mastered the basics with Instant Genius, dive deeper with Instant Genius Extra, where you’ll find longer, richer discussions about the most exciting ideas in the world of science and techn

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Alan Alda & Robin Dunbar 11 Jan 2022 • EN

Robin Dunbar: Circles of Friendship

Dunbar’s Number is the most people you can have meaningful relationships with. But that number – 150 – is only one of the many circles of friends and acquaintances in your life. And one of those circles, according to Robin’s research, can determine how long you’ll live. Support the show:

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screentellect • 06/Jul/2023 08:18:20 • English • Audio
Yes, *that* Dunbar

I think there are not that many people whose contributions to culture and thought have resulted in their name being attached to some sort of a popular concept. And Robin Dunbar is one of those lucky people. If you've heard of the Dunbar number, then this is the Dunbar we're talking about. If you haven't heard about it, just go on Wikipedia and read the article. But Robin, I'm sorry, I should probably say Professor Dunbar, also wrote several books. And the most recent one, I think that's the most recent [one] that I'm reading, is about friendship. So follow his thoughts on social behavior, evolution, and other things in interviews.

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