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Peter Shankman is a top keynote speaker in marketing, social media, customer service, and neurodiversity in the workplace. The New York Times has called Peter Shankman “a rock star who knows everything about social media and then some.” He is a 6x best selling author, entrepreneur and corporate in-person and virtual ke

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Peter Shankman 28 Apr 2024 • EN

Massively, Massively ADHD | Peter Shankman - 780

Peter Shankman is an absolute legend, with a faster than normal brain. I recently got my hands (or rather, ears) on his audiobook and instantly fell in love with his insights. I listened attentively - 'squirrel' (thanks for that, Peter) - and even replayed it several times to soak up his strategies for managing these '

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Brendan Mahan & Peter Shankman 03 Apr 2024 • EN

Peter Shankman and The Boy with the Faster Brain

In today’s episode we talk to Peter Shankman.  Peter is an entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, the best-selling author of six books, founder of the neurodiversity consultancy firm Mental Capital, and he’s a dad.  Peter talks to us about parenting, the power of getting out of your own element to get work done, and his rece

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Join André Brisson, The Impulsive Thinker, in a conversation with Peter Shankman, an acclaimed author and entrepreneur with ADHD. This episode delves into the world of neurodiversity, particularly ADHD, and its impact on the workplace and personal development. Shankman shares insights from his books "Faster Than Normal

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ADHD can be a super power for your business. Bestselling author and entrepreneur Peter Shankman joins the show to explains how he turned ADHD into his greatest strength. Welcome to Pillars of Wealth Creation, where we talk about building financial freedom with a special focus in business and Real Estate. Follow along a

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Peter Shankman 15 Nov 2023 • EN

Getting Press for Your Book with Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman is many things, among them a five-time best selling author, entrepreneur and corporate in-person and virtual keynote speaker who focuses on customer service. But in this episode I got him speaking about something so many of you ask me about: HARO, or Help a Reporter Out...the website he started (and sold

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