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Holly Blanc Moses & Brendan Mahan 17 Jan 2024 • EN

Overcoming Emotional Barriers to Success for Neurodivergent Children & Teens

Join Brendan Mahan and I as we chat about how each time failure occurs emotions can build. Shame, guilt and disappointment can lead to more and more bricks in each child's walls. The Wall of Awful is the emotional barrier that prevents neurodivergent kids from initiating tasks and taking the risks necessary to reach th

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Robbie Robertson & Brendan Mahan 14 Sep 2023 • EN

#1492 - Brendan Mahan

Brendan Mahan is an internationally recognized ADHD/Executive Function expert, and an engaging, sought-after speaker. He is the producer and host of the “ADHD Essentials” podcast. Brendan helps individuals, families, schools, and businesses manage the challenges of ADHD. His approach blends education, collaborative pro

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Today, we’re talking to author Caroline Maguire.  Caroline is the author of “Why Will No One Play With Me?”, as well as a social skills and ADHD coach.  She recently did a TEDx Talk about her social spy approach to improving our interpersonal skills.    Caroline talks to us about being a social spy during the holidays.

35 min
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David Greenwood & Brendan Mahan 17 Dec 2022 • EN

Understanding emotional and cognitive processing with Adult ADHD

In this new episode, we explore emotional and cognitive processing and how to communicate effectively at home and in the workplace. Brendan Mahan of ADHD Essentials comes back on the podcast to discuss processing and communicating during challenging situations. Situations that could involve conflict present themselves

40 min
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Brendan Mahan & David Greenwood 03 Dec 2022 • EN

Overcoming Burnout with David Greenwood

Today, we’re talking to David Greenwood, author of "Overcoming Distraction", and "Overcoming Burnout". David talks to us about burnout. We discuss causes of burnout, different kinds, including professional and caregiver burnout, and David gives us tips for both managing and avoiding it. Alright, let’s get rolling.   >>

34 min
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Brendan Mahan & Norrine Russell 12 Nov 2022 • EN

ADHD and Lying with Dr. Norrine Russell

Today, we’re talking to Dr. Norrine Russell. Dr. Russell is a former psychology professor, and the founder and owner of Russell Coaching for Students.  Russell Coaching is one of the largest student coaching practices in America, and works with complex students to help them develop executive functioning skills and soci

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