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Eric Tivers & Rick Webster 30 Aug 2022 • EN

444 | ADHD Tax Stories & Strategies with Rick Webster

In this episode, Rick Webster returns to the show! Rick has expertise in real-estate, entrepreneurship, and ADHD!  He has managed many domains in the financial and real-estate world, and in the last couple of years, he’s put his focus in helping people with ADHD make better peace and better “cents” of their finances. 

57 min
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Brendan Mahan & Rick Webster 15 May 2021 • EN

ADHD and Financial Literacy with Rick Webster of Rena-Fi

Today, we’re talking to Rick Webster.  Rick is the CEO and leader of Rena-Fi, a practical, research-based financial education platform.  He is also an ADHD Coach, and long-time associate of the ADHD organizations ADDA, and CHADD.  And he has ADHD. In this episode, Rick talks to us about financial literacy.  We discuss

43 min
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Eric Tivers & Rick Webster 01 Sep 2020 • EN

338: Money Management with Rick Webster from Rena-Fi

Financial management is really emotional management. Welcome to this episode of with your host Eric Tivers and his guest, Rick Webster. Rick is the CEO and Founder of Rena-Fi and has spent the last two decades deeply involved in the ADHD community, helping people with ADHD find solutions for their own challenges. Rick

64 min
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