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ADHD and Financial Literacy with Rick Webster of Rena-Fi

15 May 2021 • 43 min • EN
43 min
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Today, we’re talking to Rick Webster.  Rick is the CEO and leader of Rena-Fi, a practical, research-based financial education platform.  He is also an ADHD Coach, and long-time associate of the ADHD organizations ADDA, and CHADD.  And he has ADHD. In this episode, Rick talks to us about financial literacy.  We discuss the role emotion and The Wall of Awful plays in people’s financials, money as if relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the importance of having a reservoir of savings for when problems arise, the power of doing good for others, ADHD meltdowns, and how automation allows overseeing which is better than doing.   JOIN our Facebook Community Be a part of the UPCOMING CONTEST!   Guest Links: Learn more about Rick and his work with Rena-Fi at ADHD Essentials Links:   Learn about & Register for the The ADHD Essentials Online Parent Coaching Groups  Join Our Facebook Community Check out the ADHD Essentials Homepage Contact Brendan at   ADHD reWired Podcast Network Plugs: ADHD reWired Hacking Your ADHD ADHD Essentials ADHD Diversified ADHD Friendly Lifestyle   

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