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Eric Tivers & Jennie Friedman 03 May 2016 • EN

114 | Living Your Mission

Time is almost up. RegisterToday!forthecoaching and accountability group just go to Ep.114|LivingYourMission Jennie Friedman is an ADHD coach out of New York. She is thehost of the “See in ADHD” Podcast and the cohost of the“The ADDCouple”podcast. Jennie graced the ADHD reWired studios with herpresence for the second t

80 min
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Eric Tivers & Jennie Friedman 17 Nov 2014 • EN

38 | Everyone's Wired Differently

Growing up having a hard time understanding and communicating with others in her family, psychologist Jennie Friedman now better understands the ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more they were dealing with. Switching careers in the middle of her life, Jennie decided to focus on becoming an ADHD coach in order to help bot

54 min
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