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Maggie Patterson & Brittany Berger 01 May 2023 • EN

The Realities of Burnout and Your Business with Brittany Berger

We’re all familiar with the idea of being burnt out, especially over the last few years. Many of us have experienced burnout firsthand. But why is burnout so pervasive in online business? And should we trust the people peddling burnout solutions who used to sell us hustle culture? In this episode, I explore the realiti

36 min
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Eric Tivers & Brittany Berger 20 Dec 2022 • EN

460 | Hustle Culture & Toxic Productivity with Brittany Berger

This week, Eric is joined by Brittany Berger, the founder of, a digital media company and community that helps disabled, chronically-ill, mentally-ill, and neurodivergent creatives better balance between work, play, and rest, so they can burnout less. She started Work Brighter after 5 years working at a

54 min
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Brittany Berger and Shane Barker discuss designing and executing content marketing strategies for startups and small businesses. Brittany walks you through her journey of becoming an entrepreneur. She teaches us, from her experiences, why repurposing content is the way to go! Repurposing content can not only help you m

59 min
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