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Maggie Patterson & Brittany Berger 01 May 2023 • EN

The Realities of Burnout and Your Business with Brittany Berger

We’re all familiar with the idea of being burnt out, especially over the last few years. Many of us have experienced burnout firsthand. But why is burnout so pervasive in online business? And should we trust the people peddling burnout solutions who used to sell us hustle culture? In this episode, I explore the realiti

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Maggie Patterson & Nicole Lewis-Keeber + Shulamit Ber Levtov 05 Dec 2022 • EN

The Rise of Trauma Informed Coaching

You’ve probably heard of the term trauma informed, but do you really know what it means? And should you trust coaches who are trauma-informed?  In this episode, my guests Nicole Lewis-Keeber and Shulamit Ber Levtov join me to explore the rise of trauma-informed coaching.  Get the inside scoop:

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Maggie Patterson & Michelle Mazur 07 Feb 2022 • EN

Why Your Message Really Matters Now More Than Ever with Michelle Mazur

There’s no shortage of messaging being thrown at us in the world of online business. We’re told to live our best life. To take back our freedom. To avoid burnout.  And on and on and on… The problem? These messages, while they may be things we actually need to hear, are these the messages we want trickling down to our o

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Stephanie Hayes & Maggie Patterson 05 May 2021 • EN

Maggie Patterson - Distinguishing a Leader From an Imitator

Maggie Patterson is the face of Small Business Boss where she helps entrepreneurs cut through the BS as you build your service-based business.  She teaches business owners to do things differently, put people first, and wholeheartedly own what you do. Maggie knows what it takes to build a simple and sustainable busines

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Maggie Patterson & Nicole Lewis-Keeber 08 Feb 2021 • EN

What You Need to Know About Coach Abuse with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Have you ever worked with a coach and felt like something was off?  While coaching for business can be a great thing, with the wrong person it can be downright detrimental. And like any close relationship, there’s the possibility that abuse can occur.  What are the red flags you need to look for when choosing to work w

34 min
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When things are unusual, it’s all too easy for our decision making to falter and for our boundaries to be shaky. In this episode of the Small Business Boss podcast guest Shulamit Ber Levtov walks us through how to deal with our fear in this unique time we’re living through. Get the inside scoop right here: https://smal

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