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On this episode of The Bold Money Revolution Podcast, I’m chatting with a dear friend of mine, Shula Ber Tov. She is the Entrepreneur’s Therapist.   We connected through Instagram and have become friends. We chatted about therapy, processing trauma, and how those relate to business owners and money, and today we are br

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Tara Newman & Mike Michalowicz 19 Sep 2023 • EN

Financial and Personal Freedom through Profit First with Mike Michalowicz

Special guest on the podcast this week… I had the opportunity to sit down with the author of Profit First, Mike Michalowicz.  You may know that I’m certified in Profit First and am trying to spread this method to as many small business owners as possible, so it was a real positive experience to bring this episode to li

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Tara Newman & Eric Melchor 12 Sep 2023 • EN

The Power of Relationships to Unlock Sales Success with Eric Melchor

This podcast episode is all about relationship building. I’m sitting down with Eric Melchor, a fellow podcast host who helps brands build personalized experiences. He’s a Texan expat currently living in Romania. We are chatting about the services he provides clients and the importance of relationship-building when runn

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Tara Newman & Charlie Gilkey 08 Aug 2023 • EN

The State of Online Business and Trends with Charlie Gilkey

On today’s podcast episode, I’m chatting with  Charlie Gilkey. He’s back for a third time on the podcast. His experience in content creation and productivity is hard to beat, and I’ve even referred to him as the granddaddy of online business. I really respect his body of work and his thought process. We are chatting on

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Stacey Harris, who is on the team. We are chatting about all the different technology we utilize in the business. Our focus this year is on transparency, and hopefully, you can learn something or find a new tool you might be missing out on in your business.  I love a lean business,

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Tara Newman is the Founder and CEO of The Bold Profit Academy, where she teaches service-based business owners how to sell premium services and programs without the emotional stress of launching, worrying about ads, overwhelming social strategies or complex funnels. Tara hosts a weekly podcast called The Bold Money Rev

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