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Paul Middlebrooks & Michael Cole 12 Oct 2021 • EN

BI 116 Michael W. Cole: Empirical Neural Networks

Support the show to get full episodes and join the Discord community. Mike and I discuss his modeling approach to study cognition. Many people I have on the podcast use deep neural networks to study brains, where the idea is to train or optimize the model to perform a task, then compare the model properties with brain

91 min
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Jeremy Shere & Michael Cole 23 Jun 2021 • EN

Focus on customer success to reduce churn w/ Michael Cole

Jeremy Shere, founder & CEO of Tribal knowledge Podcasting, talks with Michael Cole, VP of Marketing at Everflow, about the benefits of focusing on customer success. Stuff we discuss:Partner marketingThe challenges of disrupting the partner marketing spaceHow to avoid customers being overwhelmed by new features  Learn

18 min
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Listen to Shane Barker and Michael Cole discuss the evolution of affiliate marketing. On this episode, Michael explores the affiliate marketing trends we saw in 2020 and the changes that marketers can expect in 2021. Listen to their conversation here: https://shanebarker.com/podcast/affiliate-marketings-evolution-and-f

22 min
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Listen to Shane Barker talk to Michael Cole, the VP of Marketing at Everflow, about affiliate marketing and how the platform helps marketers. On the episode, Michael takes us through his affiliate marketing background and discusses what sets Everflow apart from other similar platforms. Listen to this conversation here:

29 min
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