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Today I’m thrilled to have Marcus Sheridan on the show. Marcus runs the Sales Lion where he consults and teaches companies how to do inbound content marketing. He’s known as one of the premier thought leaders in the digital sales and marketing space. I’ve been following Marcus for years so it’s cool that we got to conn

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Our guest on this episode of Freelancing After 50 is none other than Marcus Sheridan, internationally-known marketing expert and author of the best-seller "They Ask, You Answer."  Marcus shares his story of how the They Ask, You Answer concept came about and applies its principles to freelancers 50 and older.  Key take

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Alastair McDermott & Marcus Sheridan 31 Jan 2022 • EN

How Content Can Save Your Business with Marcus Sheridan

Writing articles for your website or social media is hugely time consuming, and it's so difficult to find the time when you're already working long hours on client projects. But you need to make the time. Here's why. In this episode, bestselling author & renowned speaker Marcus Sheridan and Alastair McDermott discuss h

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Marcus Sheridan Bio - International Keynote Speaker on Digital Sales/Marketing, Ranked #1 LinkedIn Voices for Entrepreneurship, Author of "They Ask, You Answer" and "The Visual Sale"  Owner/Partner at IMPACT a Digital Marketing Agency,  Partner at River Pools - built to $15mm in sales from Warsaw, Virginia - population

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Michael Matias & Marcus Sheridan 18 Sep 2021 • EN

Ep574: Marcus Sheridan | Co-Owner and Partner, IMPACT

Marcus Sheridan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker known for his unique ability to excite, engage and motivate audiences. He is co-owner and partner at IMPACT, one of the most successful digital sales and marketing agencies in the country, and author of They Ask, You Answer – once touted by Mashable

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Jared Simmons & Marcus Sheridan 10 Sep 2021 • EN

Innovation is anything new or improved... that helps :: Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan, digital sales and marketing pioneer, and author of They Ask, You Answer and The Visual Sale: How to Use Video to Explode Sales, Drive Marketing, and Grow Your Business in a Virtual World. More about our guest: Marcus Sheridan is an international keynote speaker with a unique ability to excite, engage,

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