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Roger Dooley is an author and international keynote speaker. His books include Friction (named a Top 3 Management Book by strategy+business) and Brainfluence. He writes the popular blog Neuromarketing as well as a column at He co-founded and later sold College Confidential, the leading college-bound website. He’s been a serial entrepreneur since he left a senior strategy position at a Fortune 1000 company to enter the then-nascent home computer market.

Roger Dooley's Interviews

Roger Dooley & Mike Michalowicz 17 Nov 2023 • EN

Design Your Business to Run Itself with Mike Michalowicz

In today's Brainfluence episode, we have the brilliant and hilarious entrepreneur, Mike Michalowicz, as our guest. Mike has built and sold multi-million dollar businesses, experienced the trials and tribulations of losing everything, and has since become a successful author, speaker, and entrepreneur. His latest book,

28 min
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Roger Dooley & Melina Palmer 18 Aug 2023 • EN

What Your Employees Need and Won't Tell You with Melina Palmer

In this podcast episode, host Roger Dooley interviews Melina Palmer, author of What Your Employees Need and Can't Tell You, about change initiatives in companies. They discuss the misconception that 70% of change initiatives fail and the importance of approaching change thoughtfully. Melina emphasizes the significance

33 min
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Roger Dooley & Mark Schaefer 05 Jul 2023 • EN

Belonging to the Brand with Mark Schaefer

"The last, great marketing strategy" is community... In this episode, host Roger Dooley interviews author Mark Schaefer about his new book, Belonging to the Brand. They discuss the importance of community in marketing strategies and the challenges of managing online communities. Mark explains that community involves ge

30 min
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Roger Dooley & Paul J. Zak 09 Jun 2023 • EN

Immersion with Paul Zak

On this episode of Brainfluence, host Roger Dooley is joined by Paul Zak, founder of Immersion, a company that uses smartwatches and fitness devices to turn activity data into business insights. They discuss neuromarketing, the limitations of traditional metrics, and the importance of immersion for user experience test

31 min
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Roger Dooley & Tom Peters 16 Feb 2023 • EN

Tom Peters' Compact Guide to Excellence

Tom Peters is an author and legendary business thinker who has written 19 books. His new title is Tom Peters' Compact Guide to Excellence. It's a small book packed with short bites of wisdom curated by Tom to encourage a humanistic approach to business. In this episode, he explains why the most important decisions in b

31 min
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Roger Dooley & Vanessa Van Edwards 29 Nov 2022 • EN

CUES: The Secrets of Charismatic Communication with Vanessa Van Edwards

Can you be authentically charismatic? Renowned behavioral investigator Vanessa Van Edwards has always been fascinated by the 'science of people'. A (famously) socially awkward person, Vanessa's first book Captivate, covered the problems we face in communicating with other people and provided science-backed ways to over

24 min
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