Brendan Mahan – David Greenwood

Brendan Mahan is a media personality, a coach / mentor, and an interview host. David Greenwood is an author, a media personality, and an interview host. We found 4 podcast interviews connecting Brendan Mahan and David Greenwood.

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Episodes with Brendan Mahan & David Greenwood

David Greenwood & Brendan Mahan 17 Dec 2022 • EN

Understanding emotional and cognitive processing with Adult ADHD

In this new episode, we explore emotional and cognitive processing and how to communicate effectively at home and in the workplace. Brendan Mahan of ADHD Essentials comes back on the podcast to discuss processing and communicating during challenging situations. Situations that could involve conflict present themselves

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Brendan Mahan & David Greenwood 03 Dec 2022 • EN

Overcoming Burnout with David Greenwood

Today, we’re talking to David Greenwood, author of "Overcoming Distraction", and "Overcoming Burnout". David talks to us about burnout. We discuss causes of burnout, different kinds, including professional and caregiver burnout, and David gives us tips for both managing and avoiding it. Alright, let’s get rolling.   >>

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David Greenwood & Brendan Mahan 10 Jul 2021 • EN

ADHD and conflict resolution

Conflict is just part of life and part of the business world. How we choose to enter conflict and resolve differences and disagreements with others can make all the difference in the world. For those with ADHD, many find resolving conflict challenging to say the least. Because many of us can have difficulty regulating

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David Greenwood & Brendan Mahan 04 Apr 2020 • EN

ADHD and The Wall Of Awful Plus, I Hate Email…

This week on Overcoming Distractions, we talk with Brendan Mahan about what he calls the Wall of Awful. Brendan who has been on the podcast before and was featured in the book, Overcoming Distractions talks about how those who struggle with various takes can find a way to tackle those responsibilities that might be pla

43 min
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