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23 Apr 2024 • EN

#1625 - Kelly Diffie

Kelly Diffie is the creator of "Rusty's Customs" where he takes his artistic talent and recreates or modifies normal products like hot wheels into a custom creation. Kelly also guest lectures at a local school to help promote the concept of critical thinking in times of panic and overconsuming stress. Kelly joins me to

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22 Apr 2024 • EN

#1624 - Jake S. Friedman

Jake S. Friedman is an animation historian and author of The Art of Blue Sky Studios and The Disney Afternoon. He has appeared as an expert on TV documentaries and written for Animation Magazine, American History Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Philadelphia Daily News. He worked for ten years as an animation artist

61 min
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18 Apr 2024 • EN

#1623 - Ben Cort

Ben Cort spent a decade inside the drug and alcohol addiction treatment field and is now is a consultant to the industry. Ben is the author of "Weed, Inc.: The Truth About the Pot Lobby, THC, and the Commercial Marijuana Industry" about the THC industry. Ben joins me once again to discuss the commercialization of the T

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17 Apr 2024 • EN

#1622 - John Moretta

John Moretta received his Ph.D. in history from Rice University. He is professor of history at Central College, Houston Community College, and teaches at the University of Houston. John joins me again to discuss the counterculture and the hippie movement and how the presidencies of figures like LBJ and Nixon were affec

79 min
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16 Apr 2024 • EN

#1621 - Mark Duffett

Mark Duffett is a Associate Professor in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Chester, UK. Mark is the author of "Understanding Fandom: An Introduction to the Study of Media Fan Culture" which explains in the last few decades, shifts in media technology and production have instead made fandom a central mode

70 min
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15 Apr 2024 • EN

#1620 - Scott M. Deitche

Scott M. Deitche is an author specializing in organized crime and the Mafia. He has been featured on History Channel, A&E, Discovery Channel, AHC, C-Span, and Oxygen Network. In addition, he has also appeared on dozens of local and national news shows, as well as over 40 radio programs. Scott is the author of "The Sile

61 min
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