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In this episode, you will learn: Feel EXTREMELY motivated and lifited up listening to it! Will get RE INSPIRED to level up! You will learn how to master any vision in midlife DESPITE your current circumstances The importance of LEADERSHIP skills to enroll others in your vision Why peak fitness in midlife and beyond is

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Natalie Jill & Jolene Brighten 29 Aug 2023 • EN

Is it Perimenopause? with Dr. Jolene Brighten

This episode is sponsored by Julva. Get your free trial of Julva (with just a small shipping fee) at -- you definitely want this! I use it. I love it, and I won't go without it.  In this episode, you will learn: What signs & symptoms you should look for if you believe you're perimenopausal How to

42 min
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Natalie Jill & Lisa Nichols 15 Aug 2023 • EN

Owning Your Own Voice in Midlife with Lisa Nichols

Join Lisa in her FREE training HERE:  In this episode, you will learn: That it's ok to reinvent yourself in midlife Why owning your purpose is the key to being vibrant How to claim your story Learn the audience connection formula LISA NICHOLS is one of the world’s most-requested motiv

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Natalie Jill & Dan Martell 13 Jun 2023 • EN

How To Buy Back Your Time with Dan Martell

Grab your copy of Dan Martell's latest book: Buy Back Your Time  In the midst of all the BUSY-ness in life, we need to stop to think that, after all, our time is not guaranteed. This is a powerful perspective to consider as you plan out your days and weeks.  This is the heart of Dan Martell's message in his book, Buy B

38 min
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Natalie Jill & Dave Asprey 30 May 2023 • EN

BioHacking In Midlife: Smarter Not Harder with Dave Asprey

Order Smarter Not Harder - The Biohackers Guide To Getting The Body And Mind You Want! This special episode is with my good friend Dave Asprey, famously known as the 'Father of Biohacking." If you don't know what that is yet, no worries, we'll go into it in more detail. Dave has a long list of achievements, from being

32 min
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Get started with Nutrisense - Use the code 'NatalieJill25' for a discount when you get started! In this episode, you will learn: How big of an issue are blood sugar issues 90% of Americans are not metabolically healthy Glucose, weight, triglycerides and hdl The issue with just checking A1C- It is showing your AVERAGE G

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