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Shawn Stevenson & Lisa Nichols 13 Mar 2024 • EN

The Secret to More Happiness, Success, & Wellness - With Lisa Nichols

Your mindset, attitude, and beliefs are critical factors in determining your success in life. If you want to create change, identifying and addressing your thought patterns is of upmost importance. And if you’re in need of some motivation and inspiration, there’s no better influence than Lisa Nichols.  Lisa Nichols is

70 min
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Natalie Jill & Lisa Nichols 15 Aug 2023 • EN

Owning Your Own Voice in Midlife with Lisa Nichols

Join Lisa in her FREE training HERE:  In this episode, you will learn: That it's ok to reinvent yourself in midlife Why owning your purpose is the key to being vibrant How to claim your story Learn the audience connection formula LISA NICHOLS is one of the world’s most-requested motiv

50 min
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Get your tissue box ready because today, I have the honour of speaking with one of the world’s most sought-after motivational speakers, Lisa Nichols. And, let me tell you, this is a powerful episode that will leave you with goosebumps and tears. Lisa is an inspirational leader and a legend in the world of personal deve

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Erin Holland & Lisa Nichols 11 Oct 2022 • EN

The journey of loving others, featuring Lisa Nichols

Why is it so hard to make friends as adults? Maybe it’s because we’re not always in situations where we automatically meet people in the same life stage as us. But also, maybe it’s because we close ourselves off, quick to judge others and afraid of being judged ourselves, and unwilling to take a chance. Building commun

10 min
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Erin Holland & Lisa Nichols 17 May 2022 • EN

The most responsible thing you can do, featuring Lisa Nichols

If you don’t honor yourself with love, how do you expect to teach others how to love you? If you’re disconnected from your body and heart, robotically moving through your day—hiding behind screens and scanning your to-do list to feel productive—it’s time to reset. Lisa Nichols is a motivational speaker who rose from be

13 min
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There's a secret to shining bright, and it's right before your eyes. And Lisa Nichols of The Secret will show you how to discover it.   Yes, you have greatness inside of you, and that'll come out, AND you'll also find a world in greater alignment with you.   With alignment comes manifestation: Whether that's a partner,

77 min
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