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Becky Kennedy & Gretchen Rubin 25 Jun 2024 • EN

The Four Tendencies with Gretchen Rubin

We all have tendencies. Adults. Kids. Every last one of us. And understanding our tendencies as well as our kid's is a useful parenting tool. Author and host of the podcast Happier, Gretchen Rubin, joins Dr. Becky to discuss the four different tendencies people have and how to use them in everyday ways.  Join Good Insi

37 min
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Becky Kennedy & Jonathan Haidt 26 Mar 2024 • EN

The Anxious Generation with Jonathan Haidt

Social psychologist and author, Jonathan Haidt, joins Dr. Becky to discuss his new book The Anxious Generation. In this powerful episode, they talk about the impact of phones, social media, and the decline of play on our kids' mental health. But Jonathan also offers hope that we can end the epidemic of mental illness,

52 min
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In this episode of The School of Greatness, Lewis is joined by Dr. Becky Kennedy, a clinical psychologist, bestselling author, and renowned parenting expert. Dr. Becky discusses her innovative approach to parenting, emphasizing the importance of understanding children's emotions, managing parental triggers, and fosteri

87 min
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Becky Kennedy & Jessi Klein 19 Dec 2023 • EN

Motherhood: A Hero's Journey

We want to close out the year with some truth-telling from a very funny mom, author, and comedian, Jessi Klein. This week, she joins Dr. Becky to talk about how this s**t is hard. Jessi's book I'll Show Myself Out: Essays on Midlife and Motherhood is a bedside table must for a brand new parent and a not-so-new-to-this

40 min
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On this weekend episode of the Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan talks with clinical psychologist Dr. Becky Kennedy on how we emotionally vaccinate, the ability to cope through stress, educating our kids on emotions and her new book Good Inside Dr. Becky Kennedy is an American clinical psychologist who is founder and chief exe

69 min
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Dax Shepard & Becky Kennedy 16 Nov 2023 • EN

Dr. Becky Kennedy (psychologist on parenting)

Dr. Becky Kennedy (Good Inside) is a clinical psychologist and author. Becky joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why she wants to help people understand themselves through their kids, why some traditional parenting techniques aren’t effective, and how to set boundaries with your children. Dr. Becky and Dax talk about

136 min
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