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David Robson 27 Dec 2023 • EN

David Robson | How Mindsets Can Change Your World

📩 Want daily meditations (and courses) on the art of living? Sign up for Perennial Meditations: https://perennial.substack.com/subscribe Welcome to the second episode from our “Best of Series” on In Search of Wisdom. On today’s episode, I’m sharing my conversation with David Robson, author of The Expectation Effect. D

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AJ Harbinger + Johnny Dzubak & David Robson 31 Jul 2023 • EN

How Expectations Keep You Stuck | David Robson

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Tatiana Serafin & David Robson 30 May 2023 • EN

From Another Angle: Expectations, with David Robson

In this episode, host Hilary Sutcliffe explores . . . expectation from another angle. Her guest David Robson delves into the science of expectation in his award-winning new book The Expectation Effect. They discuss how changes in our expectations can have dramatic effects on our bodies, minds, actions, and life outcome

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Curt Jaimungal & David Robson 13 Feb 2023 • EN

David Robson: Placebo Effect, Mortality, and IQ Traps

**YouTube link coming soon** Today we talk about the placebo effect, mind over matter, and the cognitive traps that correlate with IQ. David Robson is an author of science with a unique focus on human behavior. He has a degree in mathematics from Oxford -- we bond over our similar degrees in mathematics. He's worked fo

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Paul Ollinger & David Robson 20 Dec 2022 • EN

How Your Mindset Can Change Your World with David Robson

The philosophical martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee is supposed to have said, “So you think, so shall you become.” On this week’s episode, we explore the power of positive expectations with David Robson, an award-winning science writer and author of the new book The Expectation Effect: How Your Mindset Can Change You

48 min
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Tim Houlihan + Kurt Nelson & David Robson 07 Nov 2022 • EN

A Proven Way Expectations Can Unlock A More Positive Life | David Robson

How we think about the world can drastically influence how we navigate through it. Cutting edge research proves that reframing our mindset to be more positive, even in the light of negative events, can significantly alter how our brain responds. Discussing one of our favorite books of the year, author David Robson expl

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