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Joe Casey is an executive coach who also helps people create new lives after full-time work. As a Certified Designing Your Life® coach, Joe is trained to help people discover a new direction with new possibilities and greater meaning after they graduate from full-time work. He helps people - who aren’t quite done yet - figure out What’s Next? He’s done this himself, becoming a coach after a 26-year career at Merrill Lynch, where he was Senior Vice President and Head of HR for Global Markets and Investment Banking. Business Insider named Joe as one of 23 innovative coaches who are making a difference. Along the way he earned a Masters in Gerontology from the University of Southern California and wrote a book: Win the Retirement Game: How to Outsmart the 9 Forces Trying to Steal Your Joy to share what’s he’s learned from his clients and their journeys. --- The Retirement Wisdom Podcast helps people Retire Smarter and is in its 6th season. It's ranked in the top 1% of podcasts globally in popularity by Listen Notes with over 1 million downloads. The Wall Street Journal featured our podcast in 10 Podcasts for Older Adults That Promise to Entertain—and Enlighten. The audience is primarily professionals 50+ planning for retirement and curious about the often overlooked non-financial aspects of "retirement", and aging wisely.

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Joe Casey & Judson Brewer 25 Feb 2024 • EN

From Cravings to Control – Revamp Your Habits – Dr. Jud Brewer

Let's delve into one of your most important and longest running relationships - your relationship with food. Like all relationships, it's emotional. Dr. Jud Brewer joins us to discuss his new book The Hunger Habit:Why We Eat When We're Not Hungry and How to Stop. He shares how to practice mindfulness, replace judgment

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Joe Casey & Jarie Bolander 20 Aug 2023 • EN

Ride or Die - Jarie Bolander

Retire Smarter. Don’t Miss an Episode – Follow on Apple Podcasts or Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | iHeartRadio | TuneIn | RSS __________________________ There's a lot to plan for in retirement.  A big one may be caregiving. Jarie Bolander was suddenly thrust into the role of caregiver when his wife Jane was dia

31 min
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Joe Casey & Hal Hershfield 02 Jul 2023 • EN

Your Future Self - Hal Hershfield

Welcome to a new episode of  The Retirement Wisdom Podcast, where we explore useful ideas and different perspectives that can help you retire smarter. Do you have a clear picture of yourself in the future? What will you be doing in your life in retirement? Hal Hershfield is a professor of marketing and behavioral decis

20 min
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Jacquie Doucette & Joe Casey 25 Jun 2023 • EN

It's OK if You Don't Have A Purpose Yet! - with Joe Casey

Joe Casey is an executive coach and a Certified Retirement Coach who's walking the talk. He left his career in HR early to start helping others plan the next stage of their lives. His podcast Retirement Wisdom shares topics that are relevant as we travel the roads of the future. On his website, https://retirementwisdom

33 min
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Joe Casey & Steven Kotler 11 Jun 2023 • EN

Growing Old, Staying Rad - Steven Kotler

Don't Miss an Episode - Follow on Apple Podcasts or Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | iHeartRadio | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Some people believe that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Steven Kotler has been studying human performance for thirty years, and has taught hundreds of thousands of people at all skill

59 min
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Joe Casey & Kristin Neff 16 Apr 2023 • EN

Self-Compassion - Dr. Kristin Neff

Are you kinder to others than you are to yourself? Dr. Kristen Neff is a leading researcher on self-compassion. She shares with us the multitude of benefits of self-compassion and how to learn the skill of being kinder to ourselves - and turn your inner critic into an inner ally. Kristin Neff joins us from Austin, Texa

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