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Governing climate-altering technologies fairly will be very challenging, because of a democratic deficit, a transparency deficit, a coherence deficit, and an accountability deficit in global governance systems, says Kumi Naidoo in a C2GTalk. Nonetheless, it will be crucial to put justice at the heart of these considera

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Tatiana Serafin & David Robson 30 May 2023 • EN

From Another Angle: Expectations, with David Robson

In this episode, host Hilary Sutcliffe explores . . . expectation from another angle. Her guest David Robson delves into the science of expectation in his award-winning new book The Expectation Effect. They discuss how changes in our expectations can have dramatic effects on our bodies, minds, actions, and life outcome

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Tatiana Serafin & Christopher Hodges 02 May 2023 • EN

From Another Angle: Regulation, with Christopher Hodges

In this episode, host Hilary Sutcliffe explores . . . regulation from another angle. The basis of most regulation and criminal justice is the concept that instilling fear of consequences, such as fines, sanctions, and jail is the best way to deter future misbehavior in companies and individuals. Her guest this week Chr

40 min
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Tatiana Serafin & David Chalmers 18 Aug 2022 • EN

How Real is Virtual Reality? with David Chalmers

Might the world we live in be a simulation? Are the virtual environments being created real or illusions? What are the prospects for creating artificial consciousness? New York University's David Chalmers and Carnegie-Uehiro Fellow Wendell Wallach discuss Reality+, Chalmers' latest book, which probes the vast array of

91 min
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Tatiana Serafin & Arthur Holland Michel 30 Jun 2022 • EN

Emerging Technology & the War in Ukraine, with Arthur Holland Michel

In this Global Ethics Review podcast, Senior Fellow Arthur Holland Michel discusses facial recognition systems, loitering munitions, and drones in the context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and analyzes their use on the battlefield and in the larger narrative of the conflict. As Russia's tactics become increasingly br

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Tatiana Serafin & Colin Allen 09 May 2022 • EN

Any Progress in Building Moral Machines? with Colin Allen

Much has been said about the inability of tech and AI developers to grapple with ethical theory and inherent tension. Similarly, philosophers are often criticized by AI engineers for not understanding the technology. Anja Kaspersen and Wendell Wallach, senior fellows and co-chairs of the Artificial Intelligence & Equal

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